Day: 26 October 2016

Latest Articles From Day: 26 October 2016

Warframe Launches Its New Content Update This November

I'll admit I never really got into Warframe, despite being CGM's resident Ninja and the adds boasting that "Ninjas play for […]

Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update Livestream Wrap-Up

Today was Microsoft's Windows 10 October event, dedicated to showcasing the latest innovations and products that Microsoft has been working […]

Everybody's Gone to the Rapture and More Come to PS Plus in November

Sony has announced what games PlayStation Plus subscribers will have access to during the month of November, and it features […]

New Microsoft Surface Book i7 Announced at Windows 10 Livestream

The Microsoft Surface Book has been raising eyebrows over the past year. Sleek, powerful and quite expensive, the laptop is […]

Microsoft Takes Twitch Head-On With Integrated Beam Streaming Service

Twitch has traditionally been the platform of choice when it comes to streaming video game content. Whether it's a console […]

Spend A Night In The Woods On January 10th

Update: A Night in the Woods has been delayed to Feb 21, 2017. Those who have been following A Night In The […]

Battlefield, Mario Party, NBA 2K17 Top Media Create Charts

Every week, Media Create releases sales numbers for Japan's console market, showing the hottest games and hardware available within the […]