Spend A Night In The Woods On January 10th

| October 26, 2016
Spend A Night In The Woods On January 10th

Update: A Night in the Woods has been delayed to Feb 21, 2017.

Those who have been following A Night In The Woods, Infinite Falls’ esoteric adventure game starring a cat, will be happy to know after three long years in development, the game is finally getting a release date.

After a successful Kickstarter launched on Oct 23, 2013, Infinite Fall announced on their page that A Night In The Woods would be launching on Jan 10, 2016 for PC and PS4, although the PS4 version will be download only.

Within the post, Scott Benson expressed excitement for the game’s launch and also questioned the culture around game development and delays, saying, “by mid-2014, about 6 months after our Kickstarter, we were saying that 2016 was a distinct possibility. By that fall, not even a year into development, we were starting to get our first emails asking why the game wasn’t out yet.”

Benson goes on to say, “As of February 2017 the game would, if not for the fact that it’ll be out by then, be in full-time development for only 3 years. We pretty regularly get folks talking about how the Night In The Woods has been in development for 5 years or so…But it makes me wonder why in that first year we jumped from “game that’s been around for a few months” to “game that has been around for a few years.”

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According to the game’s official website, A Night In The Woods follows college dropout Mae Borowski as she returns to her hometown of Possum Springs to reconnect with her old friends. However something strange is going on behind the scenes and it may be up to Mae to figure it out.

It’s worth noting that in December 2013, Infinite Fall released Longest Night, a free game set within the A Night In The Woods world.

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