Humble Bundle to Move into Game Publishing

Humble Bundle to Move into Game Publishing
| Feb 9, 2017

Digital video-game storefront, Humble Bundle, will continue to stay humble by going into the game publishing business according to a press release.

As part of Humble Bundle’s new multi-platform funding and publishing plan, the company plans to make a multi-million dollar investment to help developers across all platforms of gaming, including consoles. This will help developers generate buzz for their new games and encourage upcoming developers to put their work out there. This also means gamers will receive millions of new and interesting games. Developers will receive 75 per cent of sales after donating 10 per cent to charity.

Humble Bundle already has seven games in its new lineup and all of them will release in 2017. A Hat in Time for PC, HackyZack for PC, Ikenfell for PC, Keyboard Sports for PC, No Truce with Furies for PC, Scorn for PC and Staxel for PC. Humble Bundle is also currently looking for more developers for publishing deals at GDC and PAX East and is currently accepting submissions for evaluation.

“Since Humble’s launch in 2010, we have earned the trust of over 10 million customers across our products,” said Humble Bundle publishing lead John Polson in a statement. “In a time when it’s harder than ever for games to find their audience, publishing feels like the next logical step in the services that we can offer to our developer partners.”

Humble Bundle launched in 2010 as a means to create collections of games sold at a price determined by the buyer. There are three set prices and the customer can upgrade as they see fit, receiving a better deal while still paying a low price. A portion of these proceeds are donated to a charity of the buyer’s choosing while the rest goes to the developer. Humble Bundle has since donated over $65 million across 50 charities with over $100 million going to hard-working developers.