NeoGAF Owner Under Fire for Alleged Sexual Misconduct, Future Of Site Uncertain

  • Zubi Khan | 
    Oct 22, 2017
Neogaf Owner Under Fire For Alleged Sexual Misconduct, Future Of Site Uncertain 3

NeoGAF, the popular gaming forum, has been rocked by a scandal surrounding the site’s owner, Tyler Malka aka Evilore.

The site has been offline since yesterday evening, after allegations of sexual assault were levelled at Malka.

What followed were multiple threads that were quickly locked, with administration claiming that an official statement would be forthcoming. Many users began committing “account suicide”, receiving bans and leaving the site for fear of being associated with the controversy.

As the chaos continued, many of the forum’s moderators also began to distance themselves from the site, staging what some Internet users are claiming was a “walk out”. As it stands, the site itself cannot be accessed and neither Malka nor any of the moderation team has officially commented on the accusations.

Neogaf Owner Under Fire For Alleged Sexual Misconduct, Future Of Site Uncertain 2

The allegations were leaked several days ago in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein assault case and the rise of the #metoo movement on social media. NeoGAF user James Scott brought to light a Facebook post from a female friend of Malka’s who claims that he got naked and climbed into the shower with her.


Neogaf Owner Under Fire For Alleged Sexual Misconduct, Future Of Site Uncertain

As of the writing of this article, the story is still building and there has been very little in terms of real, concrete proof that Malka did indeed engage in sexual misconduct. However, Malka has remained elusive and has not made a comment regarding the accusations or the future status of the forum.

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