POGs are back…. in AR form with POGs AR Indiegogo Campaign

Sadly, no Alf
  • Zubi Khan | 
    Jun 6, 2018
Pogs Are Back.... In Ar Form With Pogs Ar Indiegogo Campaign

POGs, one of the bigger trends of the 90’s is making its return to the mainsteam, modernized with a fresh coat of Augmented Reality scented paint.

The 90’s was an era that brought with it a slew of trends. POGs, in particular, seemed to enamour the attention of both young and old crowds alike, partially due to the gross-out art featured on some of the discs, something that seemed to be popular at that time. The once banned-in-school toy is back in digital AR glory for both iOS and Android, thanks to a new Indiegogo campaign.

POGs AR will include several cool features such as the return of intense multiplayer matches, augmented reality modes that allow players to scan in real-world items to bring into the game, real-world prizes and brand-new, rare POGs from standout companies, trading, and the return of POGMAN, the series mascot, who this time around, is hiding inside the game world, disguised in various fun and interesting costumes, for the player to find. The full breakdown of features can be read below:

  • Intense player vs player matches where they try to slam their opponents into submission and capture their collection.
  • Augmented reality mode allows players to scan real-world items to complete POG sets and unlock new content.
  • Compete to earn real-world prizes and rare POGs from some of your favorite companies.
  • Collect and trade POGs with other players around the world.
  • Win matches and compete in regular tournaments to earn slammer upgrades, unlock new content and more!
  • Where’s POGMAN? The hilarious (and hairy!) mascot is hiding throughout the game in various outfits and disguises. Can you find him?
  • Slammers come equipped with different abilities and upgrades.
  • Multiple throwing techniques to try – – see what works best for you!
  • New POGs tubes unlocked every day, so log-in and compete to expand your collection.



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