If Found… Interactive Visual Novel Announced By Annapurna Interactive

If Found… Interactive Visual Novel Announced By Annapurna Interactive

Annapurna Interactive is partnering with Llaura Ash McGee and dreamfeel to publish the interactive visual novel If Found….

In the game, players enter the mind of Kasio, a young, rebellious and creative soul who is destroying her diary on New Year’s Eve. To discover her secrets, players must erase her words and her memories. In this fantastical-yet-realistic of the West of Ireland in the early 1990s, players explore Kasio’s world through her torn up memories, like moving into an abandoned mansion, hanging out with a band, going to a punk show, breaking into Kasio’s own house, destroying the universe, and finding out who Kasio can be. Sounds like it’ll be a little odd at points, but it seems quite distinct.

IF FOUND… | Teaser Trailer

If Found… is an interactive visual novel from Dreamfeel about searching for connection. Coming soon to PC, Mac, and iOS. Add it to your Steam wishlist here: …

If Found… features beautiful, hand-drawn art by Liadh Young, and an electronic soundtrack by 2mello, Eli Rainsberry, and licensed music tracks by Irish artists. If you told a person that this game was made by a Dublin-based indie team, you’d respond that you could already sort of feel it.

If Found… will be launching on PC, Mac, and iOS. Further details are unknown, but a 2019 release seems likely so be on the lookout.