Best Comics to Buy This Week: Featuring Avengers #1

Best Comics to Buy This Week: Featuring Avengers #1 2

This week the best comics list features a new start for the Avengers, a 25 cent sampler issue from DC Comics and the start of Harbinger Wars 2.

Best Comics To Buy: Featuring Avengers #1 1

Avengers #1

Written by: Jason Aaron
Art by: Ed McGuiness
Published by: Marvel Comics

This week is very much all about the Avengers. With Infinity War launching this past weekend and a brand new Avengers comic relaunch coming this Wednesday, it’s a great time to be an Avengers fan. Also, as far as the actual issue goes, Avengers #1 marks the first time in what seems like ages that the big three of Iron Man, Captain America and Thor are back in the main Avengers book fighting side by side.

On the creative side, Jason Aaron has shown a knack for writing larger than life team books, and it seems fitting that he’s the one ushering in the new era for the Avengers. But a big team book launch wouldn’t be complete with a top-tier artist and thankfully Ed McGuiness is lending his top-tier pencils to this title. McGuiness has previously worked on Hulk, Deadpool and Superman/Batman to name a few and it’ll be exciting to see his take on the Avengers.

Best Comics To Buy: Featuring Avengers #1 2DC Nation #0

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis, Joshua Williamson, James Tynion IV, Scott Snyder
Art by: Jorge Jimenez, José Luis García-López
Published by: DC Comics

There was a time many decades ago when comic books were available for the mere cost of a quarter. In fact, back then you could buy practically every book on the stands for the price of a $2.99 new release today. While those days will probably never return, this week provides at least a bit of that old spirit in the quarter-costing form of DC Nation #0.

Just in case the price tag isn’t enough to convince you to pick up this issue, DC Nation #0 contains three stories that serve as sneak peaks for major events coming later this year. These events are Catwoman and Batman’s wedding, The Justice League No Justice crossover, and Brian Michael Bendis’ Superman debut, so there is a lot to be excited for if you’re a DC Comics fan. Also if you’ve ever complained about the price of comic books, which let’s face it most of us have, then this is one that you definitely can’t afford to miss.

Best Comics To Buy: Featuring Avengers #1 3Death or Glory #1

Written by: Rick Remender
Art by: Bengal
Published by: Image Comics

Rick Remender is a rare breed of writer that consistently delivers quality comic book writing at seemingly every turn. Be it his work on Deadly Class, Black Science, Fear Agent or any of a number of his other projects, Remender has shown that he has a knack for telling engaging, character-driven stories that are a whole heck of a lot of fun to read.

His newest book, Death of Glory #1 takes place in a dark future where evil people have taken over and the only ones fighting for freedom are truck drivers. Enter Glory, a woman raised off of the grid by truckers who in order to pay for her father’s life-saving surgery must pull off four dangerous cross-country heists all the while trying to evade mob killers, crooked cops, and a psycho ex-husband. Sounds pretty fun right? Robbery focused books are few and far between in today’s comic book market and the focus on the intricacies of trucker culture is sure to be interesting as well. This could very well be the start of a must-read story and one that you should definitely consider checking out.

Best Comics To Buy: Featuring Avengers #1 5Red Sonja/ Tarzan #1

Written by: Gail Simone
Art by: Walter Geovani
Published by: Dynamite Entertainment

One of the most surprisingly stellar books of this year has easily been Gail Simone and Aron Lopresti’s Wonder Woman/Conan the Barbarian team-up. While that series wrapped up recently, Simone is back with another crossover in Red Sonja/Tarzan #1 and it once again promises to be more than worth reading.

On the hero side, Red Sonja is perhaps Dynamites most famous property and Tarzan is very much a literary icon, making this a star-studded issue. That being said, as much as the heroes in a team-up story are important, it’s the villains that truly give these stories they’re staying power. Thankfully Simone seems to have a great villain in the mysterious Eson Duul, an evil man whose has no regard for human life. Simone has said in the past that Duul is very much Tarzan gone wrong and it will be interesting to see if he can stand toe to toe with the heroes.

Best Comics To Buy: Featuring Avengers #1 6Harbinger Wars 2 Prelude #1

Written by: Eric Heisserer
Art by: Raul Allen
Published by: Valiant Comics

Superhero events generally suffer from not being very new reader friendly. From Civil War and Final Crisis to Dark Knights Metal and Avengers Vs. X-Men, they tend to rely heavily on the reader having an intimate knowledge of the universe at large which can sometimes be an intimidating notion for new fans. Thankfully, Valiant Comics is very much the exception to this rule as they have delivered accessible and over the top event comics since they launched back in 2012. This week kicks off a prelude to their latest event, Harbinger Wars 2, and it looks to be another great event series.

This issue picks up after a brutal massacre of a group of superpowered beings and focuses on the exploits of the survivors. With their backs against the wall, one of the members decides to deactivate America’s power supply in a last-ditch effort to save themselves from extinction, and from there all hell breaks loose.While the actual event doesn’t launch until later this month, Harbinger Wars 2 Prelude #1 serves as a welcome introduction that is very much aimed at new readers. If you are someone who wants to jump into a superhero universe but don’t know where to start then this very much is an issue worth checking out.

What comics are you most looking forward to this week? Are you excited for the new Avengers relaunch? Let us know in the comments below!

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