Best Comics to Buy This Week: Action Comics Hits Issue #1000

Best Comics to Buy This Week: Action Comics Hits Issue #1000 1

This week, the best comics to buy list features the monumental 1000th instalment of Action Comics, a new gravity-bending first issue from Image Comics and a new collection from Italian author Gipi.

Best Comics To Buy This Week: Adventure Time 2Action Comics #1000

Written by: Various
Art by: Various
Published by: DC Comics

Over 75 years and 999 issues later, the first Superhero comic published by DC Comics is finally hitting its landmark 1000th issue. There have been a number of issues over the past few weeks with large numbers but Action Comics is in a class of its own. This is the very definition of a monumental anniversary issue, and a must own for any Superman or comics fan. Simply put, this book is history in the making.

This issue features a bevvy of talent, including, but not limited to: Brian Michael Bendis, John Cassaday, Olivier Coipel, Paul Dini, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Patrick Gleason, Butch Guice, Geoff Johns, Dan Jurgens, Tom King, Jim Lee, Clay Man, Brad Meltzer, Jerry Ordway, Tim Sale, Louise Simonson, Scott Snyder, Curt Swan, Peter J. Tomasi and Marv Wolfman. While all of the writers and artists involved are stellar in their own right, the most exciting story has to be an unreleased work by artist Curt Swan. Swan was the main Superman artist during the Silver Age of Comics and he passed away in 1996, making his appearance in this issue all the more special.

Best Comics To Buy This Week: Adventure TimeSkyward #1

Written by: Joe Henderson
Art by: Lee Garbett
Published by: Image Comics

Gravity is a pretty cool phenomenon. It keeps us on the ground and helps us to not spontaneously float up into the abyss of space. Skyward #1 takes the concept of gravity and flips it on its head as it introduces a world where the gravity on earth becomes a fraction of what it currently is. The series follows the adventures of Willa Fowler, a woman who stumbles across a dangerous plan to bring gravity back, that may end in her death.

This issue looks like a fun adventure-driven book with serious concepts ebbing and flowing in the background. The book is written by Joe Henderson, the showrunner for Fox’s critically acclaimed Lucifer TV series and he has shown a knack for delivering comedic moments with dark undertones. On the art side, Lee Garbett is the perfect fit for this series as his kinetic and grounded art style work well in action scenes as well as more personal, character-focused moments. This could very well be the start of the next great comics series and one that you should definitely check out.

Black Hammer: Age Of Doom #1Best Comics To Buy This Week: Adventure Time 5

Written by: Jeff Lemire
Art by: Dean Ormstrom
Published by: Dark Horse Comics

While Black Hammer: Age of Doom #1 may look like a debut issue, or spinoff it is actually a direct continuation of the previous Black Hammer series. Launched back in 2016, Black Hammer has been one of the best comics on store shelves for its entire runtime and it’s been sheer torture waiting for it to return from its hiatus. This book picks up directly from the events of Black Hammer #13 with Lucy Weber taking on the role of Black Hammer, having figured a way off of the farm for her and the other heroes. However, the book begins with her disappearance and the hope of returning home vanishing along with her.

Black Hammer has told an engrossing tale of superheroes trying to live a regular life, full of views on depression, sexuality and the human desire. One of the most fascinating things about superheroes is how they reflect humanity and Black Hammer is a masterclass in that and many other regards. This issue should also be a fairly good jumping on point for new readers and if you like this issue then I highly suggest that you check out the first two collections of the original Black Hammer series.

Best Comics To Buy This Week: Adventure Time 1Land of the Sons

Written by: Gipi
Art by: Gipi
Published by: Fantagraphics
Land of the Sons is a 280-page  graphic novel that serves as a welcome deviation from the type of stories that dominate the comics medium. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic landscape and follows the journey of two brothers trying to keep their bed-laden father alive.

The book is billed as similar in tone with the well-known novel Lord of The Flies but at the same time, its message is vastly different. Land of the Sons lays the groundwork of humanity overcoming personal desires and sheer brutality while commenting on the fragility of masculinity and human nature itself.

Best Comics To Buy This Week: Adventure Time 3Marvel Superhero Adventures #1

Written by: Jim McCann
Art by: Dario Brizuela
Published by: Marvel Comics

The superhero industry is largely dominated by dark, angst-driven stories full of sex, murder and pouches. While I like these three things as much as the next consumer, there is a distinct lack of quality superhero books directed at the most important demographic: kids. Thankfully, this week Marvel comics is releasing a team-up book aimed at kids called Marvel Superheroes #1 and it looks like a whole lot of fun

The series stars Spiderman and every issue will have him teaming up with classic characters like Black Panther and new characters like Ms. Marvel. What’s most exciting about the series is that it seems to channel the team up laden books from the 1960’s and if the series writer is to be believed then it’s going to be fun for adults and kids. Talking about the series, writer Jim McCan says that the book is one that you can “pick up and share with anyone from your kids to your friends!,” which is an exciting notion indeed.

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