The Best Nerdy Halloween Items for the Spooky Season

Top 5 Halloween Things To Embrace The Spirit Of Spooky Season

Halloween is right around the corner, and celebrating a spooky season with nerdy items that embrace the Halloween spirit is key.

We here at CGMagazine see the best the technology and gaming world has to offer year round, and what better way is there to celebrate the beginning of Fall, than with a grand list of nerdy stuff that embraces the Halloween spirit with cold dead hands?

Below readers will find a list of things that can prepare the most holiday conscious for the upcoming holiday. Of course, the items listed below aren’t sponsored or listed in any way that demands a ranking system, it is a list of items that in my opinion are solid choices to grab some much needed Halloween points.

The Best Nerdy Halloween Items For Spooky Season

Pokémon TCG: Trick or Trade BOOster packs

Top 5 Halloween Exclusives To Embrace The Spirit Of Spooky Season

Of course there is a fun pun to be had here, and these Halloween centric BOOster packs are a must for any Pokémon TCG fan. The card list includes some fan-favourite ghost types like Pumpkaboo, and features a pumpkin Pikachu face on the lower right-hand side of the art on the cards, to denote they’re from the set.

Fans can grab these for $25.00 at TCGPlayer.

RSVLTS Spooky Season Related Shirts

Top 5 Halloween Exclusives To Embrace The Spirit Of Spooky Season

RSVLTS is back at it again, with another spooky season drop. The shirts featured from the company have Hocus Pocus, Halloween II, Are You Afraid Of The Dark? and more featured licenses to grip the wearer with style. It’s worth noting that some styles, including those from Child’s Play have sold out so far; fans will need to act quick on the remaining designs. Signing up for the RSVLTS app can give fans an opportunity to get limited time Halloween gear.

Get a Halloween RSVLTS shirt for $70 on their site.

Halloween Squishmallows

Top 5 Halloween Exclusives To Embrace The Spirit Of Spooky Season

With the meteoric rise in popularity the Squishmallow brand has obtained, including a nomination and win for Toy of the Year February 2022, Halloween Squishmallows are an absolute no-brainer for the spooky season. The above Sanderson Sisters would put a toothy grin on any Hocus Pocus fan this season, as well as the many other Halloween centred Mallows that are available.

Squish up your life for a varied price on Amazon.

The Dark Pictures Anthology Video Games

Top 5 Halloween Exclusives To Embrace The Spirit Of Spooky Season

With the upcoming release of The Devil in Me in The Dark Pictures Anthology season one finale, catching up on the entire series could be worth any horror fans while. With House of Ashes, Man of Medan, and Little Hope, there is a swath of horror goodness for any fan looking for a change of britches this coming season. Notable mentions for horror games can be The Evil Within, Resident Evil: Village, The Quarry and the Outlast series.

Fans can pre-order The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me on Steam for its November 18 release at $39.99.

Shudder Horror Movie Streaming Service

Top 5 Halloween Exclusives To Embrace The Spirit Of Spooky Season

If anyone is a horror movie buff, Shudder is a MUST-HAVE for horror fans in need of a streaming service that caters to that need. As Crunchyroll is all anime, Shudder is all horror, and features some oldie but goodie horror films at a small rate. Original programming like Creepshow, an anthology series that pays tribute to George Romero’s 1982 film of the same name, uses the comic books as plot points for the show and keeps the service fresh and entertaining.

Shudder streaming plans can start at $4.75, and fans can sign up on the site with a 7-day free trial.

These are just some of the best nerdy halloween items for the spooky season. Hopefully the offerings listed can scratch any horror or Halloween itch fans may have for the upcoming month.

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