Holiday Buyers Guide Week 4

Holiday Buyers Guide Week 4

Welcome back for our last week of the Holiday Buyers Guide! The C&G the elves have gathered up their recommendations of what is hot and what is not for this holiday season!

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1. Brendan – Nexus 4

 The Nexus line of phones have always been the purest Android experience you have buy. The Nexus 4 is no different. Packing some of the best tech in phones today (sadly no LTE) the phone have a feeling of quality the minute you hold it. Loaded with a quad core processor and a beautiful 4.5 inch screen means all your games will look fantastic. This is a phone that should take on all upcoming games for the next while without breaking a sweat. Sound quality out of the speaker acceptable although for anything needing good sound headphones will be a must. Non gaming performance also proved to be above many of the other choices out there in the android space. The battery life has consistently lasted over a day with steady use. Switching between apps is fast and fluid and with the 2GB of ram there was no slowdown even with a large selection of programs running.

Holiday Buyers Guide Week 4

Internet speed were as expected, not up to LTE speeds but for everyday use there should be no problems. Build quality is superb although due to the fact there is glass on both the front and back, a case for the phone would be suggested. The best part about the Nexus 4 is the price point, Google ensured that this was the phone to own this holiday season. Sitting at $309 for 8GB and 359 for 16GB there are few phones that can compare. Due to scarcity it may be hard to buy one of these before Christmas but the fact they can work on any GSM network makes this a great gift for anyone on your list, even if it is a few weeks after the holiday before they can get it shipped.


2. Wayne – Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700

Holiday Buyers Guide Week 4

Although I personally see the neat quotient in the tablet rage that’s sweeping the world, as a writer, I still appreciate being able to create documents quickly and efficiently. That’s why this recent iteration on the Asus tablet line is my recommendation for anyone that wants the portability of a tablet while still having the efficiency of a laptop.  The Asus Transformer line carries that name for a good reason; there’s an optional keyboard dock that provides both additional power and a traditional keyboard for writing.  At the same time you still get access to the very robust Android iOS and its growing suite of apps.  The only downside would be if you’re a stickler for traditional Microsoft Office software like MS Word, but otherwise, this is a great, convenient solution lets you have your tablet and laptop too.

3. Melanie – The Dark Knight Manual by Brandon T Snider

Holiday Buyers Guide Week 4

The Dark Knight Manual published by Insight Editions is a great addition to any Batman collection. If your Batman fan enjoyed Christopher Nolan’s Batman franchise, give them the opportunity to learn even more about that universe with The Dark Knight Manual. The book includes not only plenty of information regarding characters and story lines, but includes amazing extras that are a unique addition to any Batman collection. These additions include: police case files, Harvey Dent campaign flyers, campaign stickers, schematics and even a set of replica Joker cards! The extras in this book are worth the cost alone. The book is also beautifully printed on high quality paper featuring sketches and gorgeous character photos. This book gives you the chance to learn about the Batcave, Batman’s vehicles, Bruce Wayne’s mansion, Wayne Industries Applied Sciences and any other location a Batman fan would want to learn about. This hard cover book is completely worth the cover price of $40.00. Give your Batman fan the gift of exploration into Christopher Nolan’s Batman universe.

Check out your local bookstore for The Dark Knight Manual or order it directly from Insight Editions.

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