5 Things to look Forward to in Life is Strange: True Colors

Over 30 Games Coming to GeForce Now in September, Including Life is Strange: True Colors

The third installment of the Life is Strange franchise “Life is Strange: True Colors” is only 2 months away from release. The fans are excited and already dig the storyline of True Colors which involves a new protagonist known as ‘Alex Chen’.

And if you’re a true Life is Strange fan or maybe just someone exploring the franchise, this article is treat for you. We’ve gathered 5 things that you should look forward about Life is Strange: True Colors. But if you already know them all well, virtual high-five from us!

#1 Return of Steph

For the people who played Life is Strange: Before the Storm, you will find a familiar face. You will find Steph who completed high school and shifted to Seattle to pursue Video Game Design, where she has found an interest towards the design field. For all we know about her yet, we are sure that Steph will play a major role in the story along with the main character. And if we assessed her character depth reveal right, you may also get an opportunity to form a relationship with her.

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#2 No episodic release

Unlike the previous sequels in the Life is strange series, True Colors will be a single full package game. This means the chapters division will still be present in the story, but you don’t need to wait for each episode to come out. This pretty much explains the delay in the launch of True Colors, but personally it is a better approach than 1 episode per/2 month(s).

#3 In works since 2017

Zak Garris, CCO Deck Nine Games revealed that Life is Strange: True Colors is in works since 2017 and is finally coming close to the release. Deck Nine were the developers behind the 2017 release of Life is Strange: Before the Storm which was massively accepted across the world and hence paved way for the sequel, True Colors.

We are happy that the game took its time to come closer to the final release, since the Deck Nine must have taken the crucial feedback from the previous release – Life is Strange: Before the Storm. Taking the goods and ‘what-could-have-been-good’ from the previous title and putting it into the sequel is what everyone expects from a sequel.

Another factor to note is that along with True Colors, Deck Nine is also working to bring in the Life is Strange Remastered Collection which is set to release in the window (Fall) just after the release of True Colors.

5 Things To Look Forward To In Life Is Strange: True Colors
Life is Strange: True Colors – Square Enix

#4 Power of Empathy

You will play as Alex Chen who arrived to Haven Springs to start a brand-new life. But Alex has a secret. She can feel how other people feel and put herself in their shoes. While this may be a supernatural ability, Alex often questions, that if this is really a power or a curse.

We think that this ability will complement the core of the game well. Life is Strange is a graphic adventure game, and it is crucial that the player can connect with the characters of the game well. This opens up the opportunity to know more about all the characters in the game, as well as better understand the way each character thinks and reacts with you.

We really think the power of empathy may be a major turn-over in the franchise and can bring in a lot of success as well opportunity. But will it stand on the expectations? We will get to know it all when Life is Strange: True Color Releases.

5 Things To Look Forward To In Life Is Strange: True Colors 1
Life is Strange: True Colors – Square Enix

#5 Release Date – September 10, 2021

You might be wondering why is this date something to look forward to? The answer is quite simple. According to all the sources, Life is Strange: True Colors will release on time without any delays. Ever since the pandemic hit the world, each game that were either in progress or were already set to launch got delayed.

From titles like Cyberpunk 2077 to Halo: Infinite, each of these games faced months of delays due to the lack of centralization and dependencies on remote work. However, studios have adapted to the change and are once again working with maximum efficiency even remotely. And the reason behind it is simple, the developers consider making games more as a passion than work.

Hence, the release of Life is Strange: True Colors is something truly to look forward to.
P.S. More power to all the devs around the world.

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