Alienware Turns Heads at Computex and E3 with Legendary New Design

Alienware Turns Heads at Computex and E3 with Legendary New Design 5

Stepping back into the ‘90s, and it was hard to think of a more exciting gaming PC than an Alienware model. They had style, flair, and some of the most powerful components you could find in a computer without building it yourself. Decades later, and Alienware is once again making waves for the industry with their new for 2019 Legend design, and from my time with the new laptops, they are worthy of the hype.

Alienware Turns Heads At Computex And E3 With Legendary New Design 1
Alienware m15 – Photo Credit: CGMagazine

Walking up to the new m15 and m17 at Computex, and then with E3, and I immediately noticed that they are some of the most interestingly designed laptops I have seen in a long while. With sleek edges, smart LED placements, and technogenic styled fan vents, the new design is fresh while retaining that iconic feel Alienware is known for. There are plenty of designs for laptops out in the wild today, but few are as stunning as what Alienware has managed with this new range. It is a design language that has taken time to develop but is well worth the investment.

In addition to the new, stunning look, Alienware has updated almost every aspect of the laptop, making it a much more modern and exciting experience. The key travel has been increased from 1.4mm to 1.7mm making for a noticeably improved typing experience. The new trackpad is now made of glass, and in our testing we found is overall a much more responsive and usable addition to the laptop. While I may not use it for major gaming, it is good to have something that at least feels as responsive as the rest of the machine.

Alienware Turns Heads At Computex And E3 With Legendary New Design
Alienware m15 – Photo Credit: CGMagazine

Under the hood, the new m15 and m17 are much more powerful, offering users a device that can truly play the latest range of games without compromising. The new Intel 9th generation CPUs sit at the core of the machine starting with the Core i5-9300H all the way up to the 5GHz i9-9980HK. The machine also comes with your choice of Nvidia graphics from the GTX 1650 to the powerful RTX 2080.

If that were not enough, the new Alienware m15 and m17 feature eight-phase voltage regulation for graphics, and six-phase regulation for its CPU. While not the most exciting concept for non-techies out there, what this means is that the laptop will deliver more regulated power so you can game longer. Together with the overclock technology already in place, and you have yourself a fantastic gaming machine that can take on anything you can throw at it.

Like many gaming laptops in 2019, the m15 and m17 come with a slew of screen options, ranging from a 60Hz panel all the way up to a 240Hz 1080P display on select models. If that is not enough and you demand only the best—with money being no object—you can go for the truly stunning OLED 4K offering, although you will sadly be limited to 60Hz should you go that route. But with that money, you will also get Tobii eye-tracking to make a truly decked out gaming rig.

Alienware Turns Heads At Computex And E3 With Legendary New Design 2
Alienware m15 – Photo Credit: CGMagazine

While at E3 and Computex, I tested out Mortal Kombat 11 along with Tomb Raider and PubG.While I did not get the longest gameplay session possible, everything I tried ran smoothly and looked sharp. Even when I pushed the games as high as possible, I saw no slowdown. Now to be fair, with laptops at this class that is not unique to Alienware, but combined with the sleek and slim new Legend design you have yourself a fantastic combo.

Sadly, this being Alienware, all these features and stunning new designs will not come cheap, both the m15 and m17 with start at $1,500 USD for the base model and progress steadily as you move up the range and specs. While expensive, it is great to see Dell and Alienware pushing the boundaries on laptop design, I hope more companies follow in their footsteps since right now the Legend concept is topping our list for most exciting new laptop innovations for 2019.

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