Best Gaming & Office Chairs For Women – The Final Wrap Up

Best Gaming & Office Chairs For Women – The Final Wrap Up 2

The hunt for the perfect gaming or office chair is an important one. With more and more time spent at our desks, especially as we work, game, and socialize from home, it’s increasingly imperative that we have the best place to rest our bottoms. For lots of women, it’s difficult to find the right device for them. While we’re not all built the same, some of us are shorter or wider or have varying features to take into consideration as we approach the chair market.

The Best Gaming & Office Chairs For Women series took on testing popular gaming and office chairs from the perspective of the average sized woman. For more fulsome reviews of each chair, click through to the complete review which will also direct you to a video that breaks down exactly how the chair works and fits. Now, with all of that, let us compare each chair at a glance to see which is the best for you.

For reference, the tester is about 5”4, 140lbs, wears a 28 waist, and is about average in every dimension. Hopefully, that provides a suitable avatar to contextualize chair dimensions so you can find the best chair for you.

Secretlab TITAN (and Omega): The Fan Favourite

YouTube video

The chair that started this all is the Secretlab OMEGA. Known for their gaming chairs, Secretlab is no doubt the name that comes to mind when seeking one out. They boast three different models: the OMEGA, the TITAN and the TITAN XL, each targeting users by size. Initially, based on the sizing chart, I ordered an OMEGA model and was quickly disappointed. The most noticeable difference between the OMEGA and the TITAN, aside from size, is the seat base. The OMEGA has sides to hold your legs in place, while the TITAN has a flat seat.

For those of us with wider hips, the OMEGA is unforgiving. Expecting the height to take me out of the running of the TITAN, I hesitated to give it a shot, but I am so glad that I did. The TITAN is an incredibly comfortable chair with built in lumbar support, a pillow for neck support, and a comfortable seat base that supports adjusting your seating style throughout the day. I’ll leave the longer comparison to the video, but suffice it to say, I am glad I took the shot on the TITAN.

The TITAN comes in multiple finishes, but the Bat-fan could not resist the Joker model. Fandom options are usually in the traditional PU leather fabric, but those worried about heat can opt for the soft weave fabric.

The height and weight recommendations would have scared me away, and I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to give it a shot. Being 5”4, the lowest height was just at the floor for my feet to sit flat, so anyone shorter will either need a footrest or a different chair.

The Best Gaming And Office Chairs For Women - Secretlab 3

Adjustability: both chairs, but specifically the TITAN have multiple points of adjustability. Height, tilt, lumbar support, and 4D armrests are all adjustable and can be made to suit most any frame. The flat seat is wide enough for many sized bottoms and the armrests quash any feeling that seat is too wide for smaller framed people.

Price: $$ This one runs $499 CAD for the TITAN down from $529, prices increasing for different fabrics and fandom finishes. This makes the chair average priced, but still a chunk of dough so you’ll want to make sure it works for you. Sales come frequently enough that it’s definitely worth holding out.

Cons: The OMEGA is not conducive to hip width and the TITAN might not work for people shorter than 5”4 unless they’re willing to get a footrest or another accessory.

The Bottom Line: The Secretlab TITAN blew me away. Though sold for taller frames, its adjustability made it work well for my height and sit best around my frame. It is comfortable for long hours and it’s forgiving seat base and armrests support different seating styles as you adjust throughout the day. If you can make it work in your budget, it’s absolutely worth the price of admission.

Autonomous ErgoChair2: The Well Priced One

YouTube video

The Autonomous ErgoChair2 rightfully highlights its adjustability. Discussed further below, it does a great job being ready to suit multiple body types. In my research, this certainly came up the most as an option for smaller framed people and its clear why; it can be adjusted well, fits lots of heights, and the wide and flat seat cushion are great on the hips. It’s adjustability make it stellar for shorter people and it’s probably the first direction I would point anyone in who is under 5”2.

The various colour options are nice, and it can fit in with your home office décor. A specific warning, the fabric grabs and holds onto pet hair, which might matter for those that WFH with pets around.

Series: The Best Gaming And Office Chairs For Women- Autonomous Ergochair 2 3

Adjustability: This seat boasts lots of adjustability including armrests, headrest, seat tilt, height and lumbar support. However, the lumbar support does not move on a vertical axis, and since it’s pretty prominent, that could be detrimental based on your built.

Price: $ This one comes in at $399 USD which is great value for a chair with so many stock features. Using code 27CGMAGAZINE will get you 8% off the purchase price.

Cons: For me, personally, the lumbar support pushed me too far forward which made it difficult to enjoy the neck rest (which is a great addition, not available on lots of chair types without an upgrade). That alone made it not crack my absolute favourites of the bunch, but that doesn’t make it a worthy option.

The Bottom Line: This very adjustable seat is excellent for people of varying heights and widths. The lumbar not being adjusted on a vertical plane can be a bit uncomfortable for some users and could push them too far forward to enjoy the neck rest. But the flat seat base and other points of ergonomic adjustment make it a great option.

The All33: The Wildcard

YouTube video

The All33 chair was slapped on the map by its appearance on Shark Tank during which Justin Bieber showed up shirtless to peddle the seating device. The promise? The All33 chair is “designed to improve posture, reduce pain, and enhance well being.” It has a reactive support that essentially means the seat base moves with you to ensure a proper posture, no matter how you squirm. Dripping with celebrity endorsements and all kinds of promises about “sitting athletically,” makes this chair seem like a bit of a gag but that doesn’t mean it isn’t comfortable.

The small seat base is both shallow and wide and is lined with a comfortable cushion that would appeal to goldilocks. My core and hips felt great even after a full day of gaming, working, and socializing at my desk.

The All33

Adjustability: The All33 chair is pretty much plug and play. There is some ability to adjust the height but the base, back, and armrests are as is. That said, I didn’t find much need to adjust the chair, but anyone who doesn’t fit its dimensions might find that limiting.

Price: $$$ The chair is listed as $799USD reduced from $1,199. Far as I can tell, the price has not waivered from $799.

Cons: There is, however, no shoulder or head support so this wouldn’t be the top of my list for anyone who worries about leaning far forward with their neck. It also does not have many planes of adjustment.

The Bottom Line: The All33 is a great option for those worrying about hip and pelvis related pain. It does not have a lot of points of adjustment nor neck support which could be an issue for some users. Its height worked for my frame and my hips and legs fit comfortably in the seat. The price feels high for the sum of the parts, but for those who enjoy the innovation, it might be worth it for the whole.

The Razer Iskur: The New Kid on the Block

YouTube video

Razer is known for the gaming gear and it’s completely justified. They create some of the best gear out there and lots of their products are CGM faves. It’s only natural that they’d enter the gaming chair market and they started with a bang. Their Iskur is a beautiful racing style gaming chair that sits at a size “M” between the Secretlab “SM” OMEGA and “L” TITAN. Though it has the wings on the seat base, much like the OMEGA, it is still wider for hip space and is conducive to varying body types.

It’s gorgeous fabric and two colourways look very slick and will be appealing to anyone with a Razer based rig. It is suitable for varying heights and weights and I say comfortably in it with room to lower the seat. It has an innovative backrest for lumbar support but it works much better at rest than at it’s biggest flex.

Series: The Best Gaming And Office Chairs For Women- The Razer Iskur 1

Adjustability: This seat adjusts the way you’d hope, with 4D armrests and height adjustability. The backrest also moves for lumbar support.

Price: $$$ This chair goes for $499 USD and $799 CAD. That takes it a bit over comparable gaming chairs so it will really depend on style. It’s appearance is what makes it special.

Cons: The lumbar support is bizarre. At it’s lowest setting, it is incredibly comfortable and did wonders for long periods sitting. But the adjustability is strange, and I can’t see how or why it would work for someone. If you like the lumbar as is, it’s a great option, but it almost lacks adjustability since it’s adjustability is strange. The seat wings can be limiting for larger people, so check the dimensions as against your hip width.

The Bottom Line: The Razer Iskur is going to appeal to anyone who likes Razer products. It’s one of the best looking of the bunch and is as adjustable and comfortable as most other gaming chairs. If it’s the look you want, it will be suitable for different heights and weights and the lumbar is comfortable, despite its weird settings.

The Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody: The Luxury Item

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Herman Miller is the name in luxury chairs, and we all know Logitech for their wicked tech accessories. It’s no surprise that they’re team up device would be a great item. They’ve added some features to the Herman Miller Embody chair to make it more appealing to gamers like a thicker foam seat base that’s made to be cooling. This chair is lower profile than other gaming chairs because it doesn’t have the neck or headrest many of them have. And it doesn’t need it. Where this chair shines is in its innovative backrest that is made so envelope the entire spine.

As opposed to a regular lumbar support knob, cushion, or pillow, a knob exists to adjust the entire backrest and seat base to envelope and support the spine. It’s an absolute banger of a chair for long hours at work or play and it’s no surprise why it’s so popular. The flat seat base will work for different hip and thigh widths, which is why I prefer it even to the popular Herman Miller Aeron model.

Series: The Best Gaming And Office Chairs For Women- Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody 2

Adjustability: The height on the chair is adjustable and will fit any number of heights. I am able to sit with my feet planted and I still have room to lower the chair. The armrests are not “4D” but they move on two planes which are great for getting them closer to your body without them encroaching on the hips. The backrest and seat base both adjust to wrap those areas of the body and that’s where this chair shines.

Price: $$$$ This one runs $1,595 USD and $1,995.00 CAD which makes it a luxury item with luxury pricing. It’s certainly worth the price, especially with its 12-year warranty, but that might take it out of the running for many.

Cons: It’s expensive. It doesn’t have a headrest and thus no ability to lean back into it, but that’s really not what it’s for. Because it wraps the back so well, you’ll be less likely to want for a headrest, but if napping and leaning all the way back in your chair is what you use it for, that might take this one out of the running.

The Bottom Line: This is a wicked chair that was the best for long hours working and playing. The technology and innovation are evident the second you sit in it. It will work for varying heights and widths which make it a great option for women of all body types. It comes with a hefty price tag so you’ll want to make sure it’s a style that works for you.

The Sidiz T50: The Hybrid

YouTube video

This Korean company is known for making a wide variety of high-quality office chairs. They boast the T50 as their most popular model and it’s easy to see why. This chair is well priced and feels like a luxury item with multiple points of adjustability. It looks great and is comfortable for long hours.

It has lots of space to change the height and will fit shorter and taller women, and the flat seat base is great for wider frames. Further, it not only has adjustable lumbar support and a headrest, it has a full on nap mode usually found in gaming chairs. As a result, this one is great for people who want the look and feel of a mesh office chair but don’t want to give up the lounge capability of a gaming chair.

Best Gaming &Amp; Office Chairs For Women – The Sidiz T50 2

Adjustability: This one has adjustably height, armrests, headrest, lumbar support, and seat base. The lumbar support moves on both a vertical plane and can be adjusted for tension making it great for different body types. My favourite part is the seat adjustability which allows the user to tilt the seat base to change blood flow and move it forward for more room. Paired with the lumbar support, this is great for so many seating preferences. The backrest tilt and tension are also adjustable.

Price: $ This is a great bang-for-your-buck device clocking in at $359USD (with $169 import fees to Canada*). That puts it in the range of other office chairs while still boasting lots of adjustability. Until June 23, you can use these codes to save 10%: White chair: 10CGMAG2 Black chair: 10CGMAG1

Cons: The base is a little bit thin which felt uncomfortable on my sit bones after long hours, but it was never a deal breaker.

The Bottom Line: This is an excellent option for anyone looking for the best of both worlds. It’s cool and comfortable as a mesh office chair and leans back for lounging like a gaming chair. It has so many points of adjustability which will make it work for so many different body types.

What Does it all Mean?

Everyone has different wants, desires, and needs so no one piece can tell you the best gaming or office chair. My breaking down each part of these chairs, all approved by me to work for women, I hope you can narrow down the best one for you. Feel free to leave comments here or on the videos if you have any more questions. Soon enough, you’ll be seated comfortably.

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