Best of 2016: PC Gaming

Best of 2016: PC Gaming 1

The medium of videogames grew a lot this year, and by consequence, gave us escapism on our gloomy days. So it seems appropriate, then, that during the holiday season, we embrace the joy of giving by spreading a little bit of that escapism to the people we care about most.

Unbox (Pc) Review 1

Here’s a list of some of the PC titles we loved getting lost in this year, assembled by CGM’s top minds for your convenience. Because what could possibly be a better gift than giving our audience the chance to explore brave new worlds, face down fearsome foes, or maybe even make some new friends?

To discover even more of the best PC titles of 2016, pick up the Best of 2016 issue.

Motorsport Manager
(Reviewed by Jake Yanik)

It’s quite a great time waster if you’re so inclined, and the little details like researching parts that fall into rulebook grey areas at the risk of failing scrutinizing checks is a nice touch. As is the inclusion of race-rigging through team strategies without the fear of penalty. Certainly, I’m anxious to see where the franchise might go with future iterations, but even for now, Motorsport Manager is a perfect opportunity to sit down, fiddle, meddle, and otherwise feel like you’re accomplishing something, all while someone else does all the real work. I sure as hell found myself getting sucked into it. Hey, maybe I really can do this.

Season After Fall
(Reviewed by Jed Whitaker)

Best Of Pc 2016

This is one of those calm puzzle platformers with no enemies and no fail state; just you and some enjoyable platforming and simple puzzles. With stunning hand-painted graphics and simple platforming and puzzles Seasons after Fall is sure to be adored by many.

(Reviewed by Jake Yanik)

Unbox took me back to a time when games were about fun, with little more than a heaping dose of challenge seasoning. Between all of that, and the inclusion of local split-screen modes, its accessibility to younger players, the heaping doses of tasteful nostalgia, and oodles of charm, Unbox wraps itself up as one brilliant and beautiful little package.

Worms W.M.D
(Reviewed by Jordan Biordi)

Best Of Pc 2016 1

Worms W.M.D is a perfect way to celebrate the series’ 25th anniversary. It’s a fun tread through familiar territory, with so much in the way of new inclusions and variety that both long-time fans of the series and newcomers alike will find something to love. This very well could be the definitive Worms experience.

(Reviewed by Jake Yanik)

What I really appreciate most of all about Maize, though, is not its puzzles, its characters, or even its written story, but instead its implied story. The details in the world are wonderful, in a very over-the-top sort of way, and the accompanying background music is perfectly fitting for the them. It really does feel like playing through a kid’s cartoon. Maize shows that we can still have a game with cross-generational appeal without simply pandering. I can’t think of many (if any) games that do that as well as Maize.

BONUS: Pokemon Uranium
(Reviewed by Elias Blondeau)

Pokemon Uranium (Pc) Review 3

Complete with 150 new Pokémon, and tied together by a fantastic score and nostalgic aesthetic, Pokémon Uranium is a winner. It’s a better entry than the last few gens, and honestly, the fact that Game Freak has gotten one-upped by a two-person dev team has to be fairly humbling. It’s a shame that Nintendo saw the need to put legal pressure on such an impressive project, as it’s definitively one of the best fan creations out there.

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