The Cosplay of Toronto Comic-Con 2018

The Cosplay of Toronto Comic-Con 2018

March Toronto Comic-Con has come and gone, but not before swarms of cosplayers arrived to show off their creations. The convention featured hundreds of fans from various backgrounds and interests. The costumes ranged from X-Men to My Hero Academia. The outfits were intercut and incredible to see. At the end of each day, the convention would hold a cosplay contest to judge who had the best outfit.

These are the results from the contest for the weekend:

Best in Show: 
Candice Windfall-Selina Kyle Catwoman, Batman Returns

Daily Best Of Awards:
Best of Friday – Etherbloom – Wicket the Ewok, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
Runner up Friday – Nam Chan – Decidueye, Pokemon Sun and Moon
Best of Saturday – Quinn – Wolverine, X-Men 
Runner up Saturday – Medb – original design based on Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries
Best of Sunday – Candice Windfall – Selina Kyle Catwoman, Batman Returns
Runner up Sunday – Kuristinaa Cosplay – Lord Explosion Murder, My Hero Acedemia

Division Best of Awards:
Best Master – Nobleheart Creation – Rumplestiltskin, Once Upon a Time
Best Artisan – Annie – Rita Repulsa, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Best Journeyman – Second Degree Byrne –  Valkyrie Eevee, based on the creature from Pokemon
Best Novice – Meaghan Tarasick – Zant, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Other Awards: 
Arda Canada Award for Wig Work – Clef – Maya, Borderlands 2
Arda Canada Award for Armour Work – Dani Kay – Terraxia, Infinity War Comics
Outstanding Garment Construction – Princess Ces – Illyasviel von Einzbern, Fate/Stay Night
Weathering and Alterations – Blayne – NCR Ranger Elite Riot Armor, Fallout: New Vegas

Here are some of the cosplayers who stood out over the weekend:

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