What are the Top Best 16 WildStar Addons?

What are the Top Best 16 WildStar Addons? 7

Addons are contagious, and we have the best ones to download for your next WildStar adventure. Whether you’re easing your game-playing quality of life, shoring up your list of guild leader demands, or trying to sneakily gain an advantage, they’re probably going to find their way into your WildStar existence. Whatever your aim, this list will provide the best addons you can download for a top-notch romp.

Need a little help getting these to work? The simplest method might be to install Curse’s client, then hit the “Install via Curse Client” button at the top right of each of the following links. If you’d prefer the manual touch, you can download each individually and extract them into their install location at “%appdata%/ncsoft/wildstar/addons/”. You may need to create and rename a new folder by hand.

If your addon button is greyed out or otherwise not working, you might have forgotten to unzip them or emptied the contents of the downloaded folder into the /addon/ directory. It should look like /addons/MyAwesomeAddon/Awesome.lua”.


Probably the most common script used to track each player’s damage output over time. Be careful about trying to top the charts, though: it tracks player deaths too!


Slices the default single-line health and shield gauge into two separate bars. If you’ve played any other game that involves energy shields, its capacity was probably presented Biji style.


Most of you are going to be hauling around more than one set of gear. MrFancyPants endeavors to make the swapping process far easier by allowing the creation of custom sets and automatically swapping everything involved when you’d like a change. This can be tied to changes of limited action sets as well!


Auto-sell buttons for useless bits and baubles are becoming commonplace. Junkit brings WildStar into line with other modern role-playing games and lets you set custom quality thresholds for easily selling non-junk too.


AMPs can be a pain to track down. New players may not even have a clue. This addon will point the way to nearby salesmen who might peddle in the buggers, elucidate how to unlock others, and shout useful comments like “you’ve already got this AMP, dummy” at you. In so many words.

Heal Buddy
Heal Buddy

Making life easier for the men and women keeping us on our feet, Heal Buddy points healers toward our torn and bleeding hides. Any nearby friend with a chip in their health bar will enjoy a nice, obvious indicator calling attention to them.


Had enough Simon or would rather not mash s’more of that F key? TapThat will take care of those for you. It will not, however, break you out of crowd control effects. Be careful messing with combat advantages if you want to avoid developer wrath.


If the entity you’re interested is within render distance, Ayth_Quest slaps a great big flashing neon sign on them. Or something similar. The user defines what they’d like the addon to pay attention to – for example, slaughter challenge targets.


Interested in playing the market? Staying on top of natural price fluctuations is an essential part of exploitation, and CommodityStats will poll and graph the numbers as they change.


For when you’d like to know when those specific, important effects are present. Got an ability that can only be used after a critical hit? AuraMastery makes it obvious. Does this boss have a status that might render you properly squished if you miss it? AuraMastery makes it obvious.


Those MMOs are numbers games, don’tcha know. WildStar’s numbers are a bit odd, what with milestone bonuses, weird names, and different stats achieving the same thing. EtoolTip will pop whichever of these are relevant onto your equipment mouseover tooltips and crunches multiples of the same bonus together to make gear selection easy and understandable.



Are you and your buddies absently skittering about and splitting up when you ought to be playing together? You might be surprised how large an effect some simple arrows pointing out the distance between players might be. Alternatively, you could view this addon as keeping closer tabs on the children if they’re getting themselves into too much trouble.


This one does away with the fancy shmancy tree-style quest menu and reverts it to something more familiar to massively multiplayer veterans.


Simple, basic metric of how desperately that big nasty your group is fighting wants to cave your face in. If you’d like, it’ll blow a whistle when a monster’s about to blow out your candle.



The leading way of turning your game into an Excel spreadsheet or, perhaps more accurately, displaying the state of your entire raid’s health in an orderly format. Healers will likely make the most use of Grid, but it’s a fine way to check the group at a glance for others as well.


Replaces a bunch of default interface elements like your health bar with simplified versions. These can be dragged and resized like regular ol’ Windows windows. It appears that no actual tuberous crops are involved.

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