Little makes sense on Screenshot Saturday

Little makes sense on Screenshot Saturday 4

Who knows what goes on in the mind of an independent? It’s an odd and wonderful world full of bizarre ideas. Some slice off their ears as gifts for women, others make games about skinless adolescents chasing girls made of bandages. And every seven days (I’m sure there’s some kind of arcane significance to the number), they congregate to expose sometimes unintelligible images in a ritual called Screenshot Saturday. Witness a piece of the phenomenon below.

Mushroom 11 by Untame

Something calamitous has spawned strange post-cataclysmic organisms. Yours is an amorphous green blob whose volume is preserved as your select regions of it to remove. Its peculiar method of movement fosters unique puzzley-platformey challenges as you strive to understand what happened here.

Back to Bed by Bedtime Digital Games

Bob’s dreams are far more interesting than mine. This narcoleptic’s late night imaginings conjure well-known surrealist paintings and weave them into peacefully creepy puzzles while I’m lucky if mine involve more than talking heads. Play the original project here. The apple is a hat.

Terra Tech by Payload Studios

Terra Tech is some kind of crazy modular vehicle creation sandbox. You’re a prospector off exploring a promisingly resource-rich planet, refining something valuable while fending off some kind of threat and managing some manner of a base. Of course, you could always ignore what your superiors are asking of you and build a rocket car. Check out the demo if you care to make more sense of it. Oh, and watch for their very-soon-to-be-posted Kickstarter campaign! (Edit – here it is)

A Song for Viggo by Simon Karlsson

This stark church is stage for a story far darker than it might imply. A Song for Viggo is a potentially heart-wrenching point and click adventure made of clean white paper. It’s about a parent dealing with the sorrows of inadvertently ending their child’s life and finding a way to keep living their own. Its Kickstarter campaign is nearing success if you’d like to help Simon out.

Warlocks by Dushan Chaciej and Wojciech Wilk


Warlocks is a “multiplayer wizard brawler” with some wonderful pixel art. This image shows the shamaness, the most recent addition to the roster of customizable wizards. A single player campaign is in the works, but versus play looks to be the focus. It’s based on a freeware 7-day game jam project which, in turn, was inspired by Risk of Rain.

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