Overwatch League News Rundown (July 9th): World Cup Lineups Revealed

Overwatch League News Rundown (July 9th): World Cup Lineups Revealed 29

The third annual Overwatch World Cup is happening this October, and it promises to be a tense competition full of top-tier play. 

Almost all of the contending teams have revealed their initial lineups for the tournament, and they are full of Overwatch League, Contenders, and unsigned players. The way that the World Cup works is that there are 24 teams that have qualified and they are broken up into four groups of six teams. The top two countries from every group will then qualify for the finals taking place at BlizzCon 2018 in Los Angeles.

Group A: South Korea

Overwatch League News Rundown (July 9Th): World Cup Lineups Revealed 3
Image Courtesy of Blizzard Press.

Group A will be playing all of their matches in South Korea, which is fitting seeing as the South Koreans have won the last two iterations of the Overwatch League World Cup. The team is once again favoured to win their group and progress to the playoffs, but it is the fight for second place that will be interesting. Both Finland and Russia have top-tier Overwatch players on their rosters, and their match against one another will be crucial.

1. Chinese Taipei

2017 Result: 16th
Starting Roster: OYO, Craz1S, Blue, Kant, ShaiuLin, ATing, TenTen.

2. Finland

2017 Result: 17th
Starting Roster: Fragi, zappis, liNkzr, Taimou, Davin, BigGoose, Shaz.

3. Hong Kong

2017 Result: 23rd
Starting Roster: YiWind, GZQQ, JazZy, Mikouw, Moowe, MangoJai, Amcrazy.

4.  Japan

2017 Result: 13th
Starting Roster:
kenmohororo, AmeKen, Dep, Ta1yo, CLAIRE, SABAGOD, Samuraid.

5. Team Russia

2017 Result: 9th
Starting Roster: Engh, MayN, Txro, Tonic, ShaDowBurn, Mistakes, uNFixed.

6. South Korea

2017 Result: 1st
Starting Roster:
Saebyeolbe, Libero, Carpe, Fate, Mek0, Ark, JJonak.

Group B: United States

Overwatch League News Rundown (July 9Th): World Cup Lineups Revealed 6
Image Courtesy of Blizzard Press.

Group B’s matches will be taking place in the familiar confines of the Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles. While Canada and the United States look like favourites to emerge from the group, Norway is a team that has shown an ability to play spoiler in the past. On top of that, there will be a ton of pressure on the U.S squad seeing as they’re playing at home and looking to make amends for their loss in the quarterfinals last year.

1. Team Austria

2017 Result: 32nd
Starting Roster:
WAT7, Sensotix, MRDRAGONLOL, STVN, ECLIPSE, Minimi, Heroray.

2. Team Brazil

2017 Result: 22nd
Starting Roster (Not Finalized): neil, Fastie, liko, dudu, murizzz, ole, kolero, dehzinho, alemao, honorato, Stylo, wetter

3. Team Canada

2017 Result: 2nd
Starting Roster (Not Finalized): Surefour, agilities, Mangachu, kellar, xQc, Chayne, NotE, Kevin, Bani, Joemeister, Crimzo, Roolf

4. Norway

2017 Result: 14th
Starting Roster: Decod, Tricky,  TracK, Frost, ONIGOD, Iko, iPN.

5. Switzerland

2017 Result: N.A.
Starting Roster: Mimi7, Helv, Kiba, Luux,  Shinoda, R3mix, Sk0rpi0n.

6. U.S.A

2017 Result: 5th
Starting Roster (Not Finalized): Muma, McGravy, super, SPACE, Danteh, Hydration, sinatraa, ZachaREEE, Sleepy, Elh, Rawkus, moth

Group C: Thailand

Overwatch League News Rundown (July 9Th): World Cup Lineups Revealed 14
Image Courtesy of Blizzard Press.

Group C is very much the group of death in this year’s World Cup draw, as it features four teams that qualified for the BlizzCon playoffs last year. Sweden is the favourite in the group, as it’s entire roster is made up of Overwatch League players, and they should be able to progress at the top of the table. That being said, Spain, Australia, Thailand and China all have great talent on their roster and, it really can go any team’s way.

1. Australia

2017 Result: 6th
Starting Roster:  Hus, Ckm, Yuki, Akraken, Custa, Trill, punk.

2. China

2017 Result: 8th
Starting Roster: Krystal, Leave, Shy, Guxue, Lateyoung, Yveltal, Sky.

3. Denmark

2017 Result: 18th
Starting Roster: Nerfdd, Danii, fischer, Nagga, Shax, Ding, Kellex.

4. Spain

2017 Result: 11th
Starting Roster: Harryhook, NetworkZ, Neptuno, Bromas, Linepro, Toxiken, Dhak, Popifresh.

5. Sweden

2017 Result: 3rd
Current Roster (Not Finalized): CWoosH, Reinforce, Manneten, Nevix, Graceful, Luddee, Chipshajen, Zebbosai, SharP, snillo, TviQ, iddqd.

6. Thailand

2017 Result: 15th
Current Roster (Not Finalized): Mickie, SaiyajinGOD, boomburapha, oPuTo, Patiphan, yahhang, Teetawat, QueEn, Rocket, Pannys, Thitikorn, tae.

Group D: France

Overwatch League News Rundown (July 9Th): World Cup Lineups Revealed 15
Image Courtesy of Blizzard Press.

If this were the World Cup of Soccer, then Group D would be full of the toughest teams in the tournament. However, while this isn’t the most elite group, it does have some significant class to it regardless. Most notably is France, who has immense DPS depth and great chemistry, as many of their players played together back in Apex. If there is a team that’s going to challenge the Blue, Blanc et Rouge, then it’s going to be the U.K who had a successful tournament last year and are no doubt hungry to keep their momentum going.

1. France

2017 Result: 4th
Starting Lineup: Benbest, Poko, SoOn, aKm, NiCO, uNKOE, winz.

2. Germany

2017 Result: 13th
Starting Lineup: Mete, ProGi, cRNKz, Massie, Neshh, immortal, Kodak.

3. Italy

2017 Result: 31st
Starting Lineup: LUFT, Midna, DragonEddy, Carnifex, Heartbeat, Bimbz, Nisa.

4. Netherlands

2017 Result: 10th
Starting Lineup: Corn, Brussen, Jona, Vizility, Dante, Crusade, Sab.

5. Poland

2017 Result: 21st
Starting Lineup: DXtR, setrox, Matwoj, Redziok, Danye, Xyzano, Duku.

6. Team UK

2017 Result: 7th
Starting Lineup: ChrisTFer, Smex, Kyb, KSP, Boombox, MikeyA, Kruise.

The Overwatch World Cup kicks off in September across the world. Which team are you cheering for? And who do you think is going to make it far? Let us know in the comments below!

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