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Microsoft E3 2012 Press Conference - 2012-06-06 13:36:31

Microsoft E3 2012 Press Conference

It’s June and there is buzz in the LA air but it’s not just because the LA Kings are in the Stanley Cup finals it’s because North America’s largest gaming expo kicked off this week. E3 is upon us and with it brings a plethora of world premier announcements, new product ideas and of course,

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COD Is Crowding Fun & Variety Right Out Of November - 2012-06-05 14:08:51

COD Is Crowding Fun & Variety Right Out Of November

There was a time, not so long ago, when the 4th quarter of the year was a big season for all gamers. It was when all the big guns were supposed to come out, when various developers like Konami, Electronic Arts and Sony would bring out their Must Haves. Many fans across many genres looked

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Sony & E3 2012 - 2012-06-05 13:52:10

Sony & E3 2012

Sony’s press conference has come and gone, and it went just about the way any skeptical fan might expect; safe, interesting, but flat on the surprises. Like Microsoft, Sony is in a transitional period, pushing their developer and publishing partners to ready their opening salvoes for an announcement of a new console next year. What

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Raven's Cry Preview - 2012-06-01 18:26:06

Raven’s Cry Preview

Captain Hook, Jack Sparrow, and even Mr. Krabs, these are the images that come to mind when we think of pirates. Unless you’re a gamer, in which case Guybrush Threepwood, is probably your go to point of reference. We’ve seen pirates many times across all sorts of media, from the shimmering Caribbean seas of Sid

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The Lessons learned from 38 Studios - 2012-05-29 14:09:11

The Lessons learned from 38 Studios

It was both a sad and surprising week as the industry watched 38 Studios go from bad, to worse, to catastrophic in the space of a few days. What started as a missed loan payment turned into 11th hour talks with the governor of Rhode Island to prevent full closure and, when that failed, the

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Revenge Never Looked So Good. - 2012-05-25 20:47:16

Revenge Never Looked So Good.

Patch Notes v0.9: Revenge Never Looked So Good. Hello and welcome once again to Patch Notes C&G Magazine’s bi-weekly column that focuses on post release patches and DLC. This week I’ll be talking about Batman: Arkham City. It’s been quite a few months since Arkham City took the gaming world by storm and so far

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DRM and the Devil - 2012-05-25 18:58:28

DRM and the Devil

This horse is long since dead and has been beaten for years, but, man, it seems like nothing has changed. Regardless of how often players, journalists and critics alike launch invectives against the use of obtrusive Digital Rights Management (DRM) in videogames (and regardless of how logical or well-stated these arguments may be), publishers don’t

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Diablo III’s Online Connection a Fluke or a Trend? - 2012-05-23 17:09:53

Diablo III’s Online Connection a Fluke or a Trend?

Diablo III is a tricky game to gauge by the normal standards for which most games are evaluated. It’s an immensely popular property with a certain segment of the PC gamer crowd that still remembers compulsively pointing and clicking during the 90s. It’s garnered an almost sacred status among those same gamers and, indirectly, that

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Exploring the Diablo III marketplace

Exploring the Diablo III marketplace

The changes Blizzard made in Diablo III have received a lot of hate, much of which stems from a decade of nostalgia. But whether you prefer the necromancer to the witch doctor or skill trees to runes, no one misses Diablo II’s economy. Hyperinflation made Sanctuary look like fantasy Zimbabwe, leaving a system of bartering

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Indie Game: The Movie and Breaching the Mainstream - 2012-05-17 13:47:25

Indie Game: The Movie and Breaching the Mainstream

I went to a screening of Indie Game: The Movie during the first week of May. It was broadcast from a satellite feed that showed the pre-movie introduction and following question and answer period from the official “premiere” theatre in downtown Toronto. The whole thing, despite my fairly empty West-end Toronto theatre and the The

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What comes after the FPS? - 2012-05-15 18:49:17

What comes after the FPS?

I know there are some people who think what I’m about to say next is absolute lunacy, but I’d also be willing to be those same people are probably younger than 20, and this is their first serious foray into a console generation. Anyone who’s been through a few generations of hardware is going to

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