A History of the Canadian Videogame Scene - Part 2

Antony Stevens

A History of the Canadian Videogame Scene - Part 2 4

A History of the Canadian Videogame Scene – Part 2

This is part two of a two-part history on the Canadian videogame industry. Here CGM focuses on the indie side of things, and how independent developers have become the face of the Canadian videogame scene. Be sure to also check out part one, detailing the inception and rise of the industry in Canada, from a […]
A History of the Canadian Videogame Scene - Part 1 3

A History of the Canadian Videogame Scene – Part 1

Canada: we’re like a fuzzy hat (read: toque, eh) the USA wears to keep their head warm; sometimes, we feel more like a supplement to American culture and economy than a complement. But, when it comes to videogame development, Canada is a leviathan producing some of the most influential games to date. Of course, a […]
The Sailor’s Dream (iOS) Review 4

The Sailor’s Dream (iOS) Review

The first time I played a Simogo game was when I bought my first iOS device in November 2011; Bumpy Road was an endless runner merged with an unusual emotional tact. Year Walk released three months later, and I remember the winter morning I played it under a blanket, astonished by the adventure’s inventiveness, and […]
Pro-Tip: Games Are Not Movies 2

Pro-Tip: Games Are Not Movies

What defines a film? Most people would say ‘a series of moving pictures.’ Ask the definition of a videogame, and the answer is a bit more obtuse; a videogame is usually defined by interactivity and a presence of a win/loss-state. With horror films, you sit yelling at the screen, arguing the protagonist’s decision-making abilities and […]
Games Are Poetry - 2014-10-30 14:32:46

Games Are Poetry

This article contains spoilers for the game A Dark Room Even in the face of mainstream scrutiny during the embarrassing, ongoing #gamergate debacle, there’s an optimistic perspective from well-respected magazines and other publications that videogames are, despite all odds, an art form; a recent piece from The New Yorker concludes that games have “a vibrant […]
Early Access: Fat Chicken 3

Early Access: Fat Chicken

“Reverse tower defence” is a term used to loosely describe any tower defense game in which you aren’t just building towers to defend a base. In the case of Fat Chicken, reverse tower defence means you’ll be building towers to strengthen the convoy instead of weakening it. By strengthen, of course, I mean genetically modify, […]
Roleplaying with Forza Horizon 2’s Photo Mode 7

Roleplaying with Forza Horizon 2’s Photo Mode

Forza Horizon 2 has been out nearly a month now and I’ve already sunk a considerable chunk of my playtime into the game’s photo mode. Decently extensive in options (including a set of filters, adjustable aperture, contrast, and the works), the mode is a great showcase of the game’s graphics as well as its dynamic weather […]
Anatomy of Game Jam - 2014-10-14 14:01:32

Anatomy of Game Jam

An inside look at the most prolific 48 hour game development marathon in the world It’s midnight, January 24 th 2014, and I’m lying in a sleeping bag under a table in a University of British Columbia atrium. I’ve never been in the building before, but now I’m here not just for one night, but […]

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