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Pro-Tip: Games Are Not Movies 2

Pro-Tip: Games Are Not Movies

What defines a film? Most people would say ‘a series of moving pictures.’ Ask the definition of a videogame, and the answer is a bit

Games Are Poetry - 2014-10-30 14:32:46

Games Are Poetry

This article contains spoilers for the game A Dark Room Even in the face of mainstream scrutiny during the embarrassing, ongoing #gamergate debacle, there’s an

Early Access: Fat Chicken  - 2014-10-28 14:16:37

Early Access: Fat Chicken

“Reverse tower defence” is a term used to loosely describe any tower defense game in which you aren’t just building towers to defend a base.

Anatomy of Game Jam - 2014-10-14 14:01:32

Anatomy of Game Jam

An inside look at the most prolific 48 hour game development marathon in the world It’s midnight, January 24 th 2014, and I’m lying in

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