Roleplaying with Forza Horizon 2’s Photo Mode

Roleplaying with Forza Horizon 2’s Photo Mode 7

Forza Horizon 2 has been out nearly a month now and I’ve already sunk a considerable chunk of my playtime into the game’s photo mode. Decently extensive in options (including a set of filters, adjustable aperture, contrast, and the works), the mode is a great showcase of the game’s graphics as well as its dynamic weather system. Despite being incentivized with in-game credits for taking pictures of every sighted car, I was more often compelled to whip out the camera and capture zany, arcadey moments and stunning sights rather than the occasional passing Ford Escort. With so many iconic cars at my disposal, I decided to jump behind the wheel and recreate some awesome scenes and pictures from around the web, within Horizon 2.

Need for Speed: Pro Street

What Game Am I Playing Again?
What game am I playing again?

With Horizon, the master-league racing series offers players the option to make the game more akin to an arcade racer than a simulator. While not to the extent of Need for Speed, Horizon offers car customization options and scenery stunningly similar to one of the more forgettable entries of its arcade brethren.

Lamborghini Aventador

For some reason, the Lamborghini Aventador is immensely popular as a phone wallpaper. Maybe it’s the sleek shape, or just the fact that even its taillight is refined to beauty. Whenever you want to pretend you’re an automotive photographer, Horizon’s got you covered with focal depth and macro options that look simply breathtaking.

1970’s Toyota Celica GT

The Fields Of Italy… Maybe There’s A Winery Around.
The fields of Italy… maybe there’s a winery around.

One of the great things about Horizon is its upgrade mechanic that allows you to tune up any car to any racing class, so even this old school Toyota Celica could match wheel wells with, say, the Aventador above; your choice in vehicle is merely up to aesthetic taste. This shot was inspired the gorgeous photo by Dylan Neff.

Skyfall Aston Martin DB8

Bond Not Included.
Bond not included.

As soon as I saw that Forza Horizon 2 included the Aston Martin DB8, I knew what I had to do: I set out to recreate the unforgettable shot of the iconic vehicle in Scotland from Skyfall. Unfortunately, Horizon doesn’t offer players a complementary thousand dollar suit, nor access to the British Isles, but it does offer some gorgeous sights of its own.

McLaren P1

The Swirls Are To Hypnotize You.
The swirls are to hypnotize you.

The flagship vehicle of Forza Motorsport 5, the McLaren P1 is a ridiculously fast car—one of the fastest and most expensive in the world. It’s also a great looking car that makes all passerby jealous, so don’t forget to don your spy-photograph camouflage when you leave the house.

Have you got a shot worth sharing? Drove a mini-cooper around Paris in the rain like Jason Bourne? Share your photos in the comment section, and make sure to check out our interview with Turn 10’s John Knowles or read our review of Forza Horizon 2.

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