Queer Anime Characters We Love

Queer Anime Characters We Love 1

There is no doubt that queer anime characters make up a significant part of anime casting. Whether they are openly out or heavily implied, we cannot ignore that these hand-drawn heroes are living their truths.

With the increasing visibility of the queer community, the media is gradually introducing gay couples—the sidekicks in drag, flamboyant villains, and very suspicious close friends to our screens. And there is no lie; we are here for it all!

Here are some of the most popular anime characters from the queer community.

1.    Motoko Kusanagi

Popularly known as major, Motoko is the main protagonist in the movie Ghost in the Shell.

This fictional movie is placed in a future dominated by female androids, and they are constructed from a manly idealization of the female body.

During a climactic fight towards the end, Kusanagi’s body seems to defy her original feminine coding. While she is a female cyborg, her muscles considerably bulge while her body starts to transform into the masculine figure typical of anime, with massive biceps and perfect abs. Kusanagi is depicted as either bisexual or lesbian in the original anime and manga. Still, there hasn’t been any clarity on her sexuality.

There are several scenes of her with a woman in the manga.

2.    Touya Kinomoto

Touya is a fictional character in the Cardcaptor Sakura series. He is the elder brother to Sakura.

Queer Anime Characters We Love

The young man is born with magical abilities which allow him to see ghosts, including his mom’s. With these abilities, he can sense when his sister is in danger or track her when she is doing magical stuff.

The main relationship he has is with his best friend, Yukito. Throughout the series, the two are immensely close. At one point, Touya forfeits the ability to see his mother to save Yukito’s life. Afterwards, Yukito admits his love for Touya to Sakura.

While the show was heavily edited by American media, the Japanese version is still the gayest show. Throughout the series, we can determine that Touya is bisexual, given that he has had strong feelings for both women (Kaho) and men (Yukito).

3.    Yoshino Takatsuki

Yoshino is the secondary protagonist in Wandering Son by Hourou Musuko.

Although her sexuality is assigned as male at birth, AFAB, the series continues to present their correct gender as a teenage boy. Shuichi Nitori is Yoshino’s best friend, and they are a trans-male-to-female teen. Since Yoshino is a female-to-male trans, we use gender-neutral pronouns while referring to their perceived gender at birth. Male pronouns are used to identify their authentic gender as a teenage boy. You can read more about gender pronouns at Taimi wiki blog.

Although Yoshino is born a girl, they want to be perceived as a boy. At school, they are addressed as Takatsuki-Kun by their classmates, an honorific used by boys.

Other than wearing their girl’s uniform, Yoshino tends to avoid feminine clothes and instead opts for the casual wardrobe of a teenage boy —the hoodie, pants, and plain shirts. They also cut their hair like other boys.

They are visibly distressed by the idea of puberty, and they even display signs of body dysphoria for a while. Yoshino is immensely disturbed by the act that their body defies their gender identity, with puberty starting. Yoshino enjoys being hit on by an older trans woman named Yuki, and they are enthralled by the act that someone was attracted to them as a male.

4.    Leeron Littner

Not every day do you come across the flamboyant and openly gay mechanic who is fantastic at their job. However, that is exactly what you get from the plot of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

Leeron is depicted as a caring, innovative, mature, and reasonable character despite their drag and playful personality. However, they are the most intelligent human in the series. They are also the brain behind most scientific breakthroughs yielded by team Dai-Gurren. Leeron never fights except when they are up against the anti-spirals.

Besides Kamina, Leeron is the only adult member of team Dai-Gurren and the most loyal one. They are extraordinarily gifted in mechanics and technology, and they always seems ready for whatever misfortunes befall their team. They are also the guy who keeps everyone updated on peculiar happenings.

5.    Utena Tenjou

Revolutionary Girl Utena is a groundbreaking anime character for the queer community. Besides magic and fairy tales, this anime addresses power, gender roles, and sexual abuse issues.

Utena is a dashing princely character in a relationship with Anthy Himemiya, her rose bride. Their relationship blossoms from close friends to lovers.

Utena’s sexuality is perceived as bisexual since she has been in numerous relationships with both males and females. She defies gender roles right from the start, something that puts her at odds with traditional femininity.

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