Frontiers of Void, Dirt, and Inexperience on Screenshot Saturday

Frontiers of Void, Dirt, and Inexperience on Screenshot Saturday 2

I’m out of clever ways to tell you about Screenshot Saturday. For now, at least. I was considering expounding upon the overdue resurgence of bell-bottom pants or some other unrelated rant, but it’s late here (it should be about nine in the morning for Torontonians). It’s late and I need to summon the willpower to head to bed before I’m too tempted to stay up for the access release of The Long Dark. Anyway, here’s some cool shots of independent projects in the works that probably deserve an equally creative introduction!

Age of Grit by iqSoup

This recent Kickstarter success is role playing adventure of the grimy and western-y variety. You’re a cowboy of sorts, your steed an airborne contraption of steam and soot rather than the more traditional mode of flesh and bone. This image presumably depicts the saddle from which you’ll navigate the dusty capital doubleyoo West as you ply your freelance trade, scooping up bounties, smuggling jobs, or other similarly unsavory opportunities with the help of your crew. Feuding factions, interesting characters, and floating rust bucket customization and combat await – the open world is yours to explore.

Legacy of the Elder Star by Third Helix

Physical contact with badguys is typically a deadly experience for all parties involved when you’re talking “shmups”.  Normal screen-scrolling shoot-’em-ups pelt you with a consistent stream of enemies and expect you to dodge their volleys and bodies alike, returning fire as you go, but Legacy of the Elder Star has different plans. Through one-to-one mouse control, your Cosmonaut slashes targets from nose-flicking proximity. Swap out weapons and abilities and carve your way through hand-painted and procedurally generated scenery.

The One Year Game Dev Duel by Chris and Ryan Campbell

We don’t rightly know what these games are about yet, but the story behind them is delightful. The brothers Campbell have scant to bupkis experience with game development, but the loving bonds of sibling rivalry have driven them to competition. Each has a year’s worth of time and $25,000 with which to figure out what they’re doing, learn their programming language of choice, and deliver a title more successful than the other’s. Chris‘ game look to revolve around turn based isometric combat, while Ryan’s seems to be a real time strategy affair.

Hazewalker by TheoryForm

This save-game shrine stands within a game described as an action sidescroller in the same vein as Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. TheoryForm’s baby, however, sports a heavier emphasis on role-playing conventions like character dialogue, equipment crafting, and soaking up lore through in-game books. Here, an ancient curse has enveloped a large swathe of land and, as the sole individual capable of resisting this “Haze”, it’s up to you to rescue those trapped within. Keep an eye out for their Kickstarter campaign mid next month!

Cosmonautica by Chasing Carrots

This washed-up vessel is bound for more profitable sectors. Its crew of eccentric and potentially hilarious space-sailors are interested in carving their path to wealth, and they’ve chosen you as the one to lead them. Your best bet may be to chase profitable leads on intergalactic trade routes, but your ship won’t sit idly by as you fly: there’s a silly life management sim wrapped up in this colorful package.

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