The Best Cozy Games to Wind Down With

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This time of year has me stuck right between winter and spring, with the weather seemingly changing seasons daily. I want nothing more than to wait it out and curl up with the best cozy games I have on my Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X and PC while pretending that snow doesn’t exist.

If I’m not hiding from the snow with my favourite indie titles, I’m cuddled up next to the window listening to the rain with my Switch, and that definitely calls for the best cozy games! This time of year always has me wanting to hibernate or at least snuggle up with warm slippers and blankets and tune out the world with my favourite indie games. 

But what makes the best cozy game? My favourite sim games have to have me locked in for hours. Maybe that isn’t the healthiest course of action, but when I’m avoiding the outdoors, during the winter months especially, I mean business. Give me a game that lets me collect, hoard, gather and design, and you will have a winner. Elements of the darker sims like Graveyard Keeper, city builders like Cities: Skylines or even more job-specific sims like Potion Permit can be combined to make the ultimate cozy game. 

Here are the best cozy games to wind down with:

Cult of the Lamb

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Buy here: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, Steam

This game has been my favourite since it was released in August, and it has brought me all the way through to…now almost spring. I have shouted from the rooftops that Cult of the Lamb was by far my pick for Game of the Year, as it keeps me coming back for more. I love building my own little cult, designing my own followers and killing them off when necessary—or just for fun. With elements from simulation games, roguelikes and adventure games, there is something to keep everyone glued to their controller.

Cult of the Lamb is available for most major systems, including Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC and MacOS. The game has a massive community online and created a ton of buzz when it came out. Cult of the Lamb has to be on the best cozy games list!

Let’s Build a Zoo

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Buy here: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, Steam

Let’s Build a Zoo actually released in 2021, with Dinosaur Island DLC released in 2022. It took me a while to get around to playing the game, but once I did, I was thoroughly surprised by how in-depth it could be. Plenty of management sims allow you to set and forget your buildings and staff, but I found myself tinkering with wages, prices and even the ingredients in the park’s food.

There is also ample opportunity for evil in Let’s Build a Zoo, should you choose to go that route, which includes splicing DNA to create freaks of nature or incinerating your animals when you have too many. So far, I’ve only gone the good route, so I’ve released plenty of animals into the wild and made all kinds of animal babies the ol’ fashioned way. Hop into one of the best cozy games, Let’s Build a Zoo, on all major systems as well. If the game doesn’t keep you warm, the incinerator will.

Disney Dreamlight Valley 

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Buy here:  Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, Epic

This has actually been my guilty pleasure lately. I’ve made next to no progress, but I continue to log in night after night to reorganize my chests full of hoarded materials and then gather some more. Disney lovers will be thrilled with some of their favourite characters as neighbours, like Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Elsa, and Stitch! 

Disney Dreamlight Valley has real Animal Crossing vibes, so if you’re a fan of ACNH, you should feel right at home here. Full disclosure, though I have been pouring tons of hours into this little life sim, it glitches out—often. It may be worth a wait to purchase it to see if any updates fix the crashing issues, but even still, I consider this one of the best cozy games, and I’ve been playing it for months.

Stardew Valley

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Buy here: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, Steam

If you like cozy games, indie games or even simulation games, you definitely know about Stardew Valley. Players are putting hundreds of hours into their farms, and the game has so much replay value that you’ll never get tired of it. This game was designed by one person, and now it’s one of the best cozy games available on the largest number of platforms.

I’m currently on my 5th playthrough—I finally chose a different style farm—and I’m taking my time, completing the community center at my leisure and really exploring everything Stardew Valley has to offer. There is combat, collecting, farming, design and relationship building, so this game really has something for everyone. Stardew Valley developer, ConcernedApe, is currently working on a new game that looks pretty similar called Haunted Chocolatier, so keep your eye out for that one! 

Garden Story

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Buy here: Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Steam

Garden Story is so cozy that, at one point, you could grab a Concord plushie! This game came to our screens back in 2021, and it has the most adorable graphics I think I’ve ever seen. It gives off real Stardew vibes with a softer colour palette. Just looking at it is relaxing. This little sim game will have you playing as Concord, and it’s your job to become the next Guardian and save the Grove.

The game has combat elements, daily quests and a truly endearing style that will have you wanting to push forward and save the town. Gathering materials and restoring and improving the town are just some of your goals, but there are other things to collect, like memories and music, that will satisfy the collectors out there. Garden Story is a fit for the best cozy games list based on its style alone, but it brings a lot to the table. Don’t sleep on this one!


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Buy here: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, Other Platforms

Minecraft is the other cozy game that is available on pretty much every platform on the planet. Though a lot of people associate Minecraft with kids, I can promise you that my friends and I have spent an unprecedented amount of time playing this game in the last 10 years or so. It’s a game that is so easy to fall back into, whether you’re looking for a challenge while battling mobs, looking for a peaceful gathering and building experience, or you are just wanting to get creative with brand-new builds. 

What is great about Minecraft is just how versatile it is. I love mining. I have it down to a science, so as soon as I dive into a new map, that is my role on our team. Of course, you can play solo too, but we game as a family in this house. We can put the game on peaceful if younger family members are playing, or we just want to curl up and feel cozy while we design, but we can also crank up the difficulty if we want to fight it out. It’s really a game for everyone, and its definitely a contender for one of the best cozy games!


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Buy here:  Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, Steam

I think Unpacking might be the most “chill” game on this list. Basically, you unpack. As the player, you begin unpacking your childhood room. It’s strangely cathartic to put everything in its place, all neat and tidy. As the game progresses, your rooms grow with you. It genuinely paints a beautiful picture of life.

This may be the true definitely of the best cozy games. Unpacking is a delightful indie game with a surprisingly moving story. Unpack your life from childhood to adulthood, following trials and tribulations that take you back to your childhood home and eventually to your forever home. If you’re looking for a game to really relax with Unpacking is the game for you—especially if you love organization.

Cat Cafe Manager

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Buy here: Nintendo Switch, Steam

This was one of my happy surprises while reviewing games last year. I took it on because I thought it looked adorable, and I needed something lighthearted and cheerful to play. I thought it would be fun for a short while. Instead, Cat Cafe Manager ended up being my wind-down game almost every night, long after my review was completed.

Watching my cafe grow, bringing in new patrons, balancing my resources, shopping and creating a real vibe with my designs became almost addictive. There are plenty of relationships to build and aesthetics to choose from, and the art style is very cute. Cat Cafe Manager definitely ticks all the boxes for one of the best cozy games.


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Buy here: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, Steam

This is another game that released back in 2021. It was developed by Alientrap Games in Toronto, but it just recently came across my desk. The title was published by Whitethorn Games, which is known for some interesting indie games, but Wytchwood really stood out to me. It is definitely a different aesthetic from most cozy games, with a darker colour palette and unique design, but make no mistake, it definitely belongs on the best cozy games list. 

You play as a very interesting-looking witch unveiling mysteries in the woods around your home. There is a ton of crafting and foraging involved, really feeding the hoarder in me. Wytchwood is beautiful and witty, the characters are unique, to say the least, and the maps are engaging. If you’re looking for a cozy game to bundle up with, Wytchwood is well worth your time. 

Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator

The Best Cozy Games To Wind Down With

Buy here: Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Steam

Yes, I know, another simulation game and another indie game, they tend to be a hit for best cozy games. I have to say, though, they really know how to make those genres cozy; it just works. Potion Craft is actually a game that CGM writer Jordan Biordi raved about, and he wasn’t wrong. Though plenty of “potion” games released recently, Biordi noted, “Potion Craft is a bit more engaging than Potion Permit or Potionomics…” With its medieval style and unique crafting design, it feels like a brand-new take on the sim game genre.

Customization is just one of the ways Potion Craft goes above and beyond, allowing you to customize the names, styles and even placement of each one. There are also sales and reputation to consider, but the most interesting thing is how the potions are crafted. Crafting brings a puzzle element to the table, changing the sim genre just enough to keep things fresh, and that lands it a spot on our best cozy games list!

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