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Top 10 Best Games of E3 2018 11

As with every E3, there are a series of amazing games from a wide range of publishers. E3 2018 is no different, with every developer, publisher, and console maker coming out, guns blazing, with solid titles, all showing the potential of the consoles, as well as what fans can expect moving deeper into 2018 and the early half of 2019.

With so many solid titles on display at the show, these “best of” lists can be difficult. The team on site spent time seeing, playing and debating about what they viewed as important, groundbreaking, or just plain exciting. With only ten slots up for grabs, it can be hard to narrow down the contenders, but we believe this list encompasses some of the best games on display at this year’s show.

Best of E3 2018 Winners:


Top 10 Best Games Of E3 2018
Anthem – Gameplay Images courtesy of Bioware

Save for a few examples, the Bioware name carries weight. The studio has produced some of the most exciting, and enjoyable RPG’s of the last decade. Games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age defined a genre, ushering in a new style of RPG to western gamers.

Now, in a change of pace, Bioware is hoping to do the same for the multiplayer action shooter genre. Merging the fun, fast-paced action of games like Titan Fall with a deep, complex story that players know from the studio, Anthem is shaping up to be one exciting release for EA. While there are still many questions that need to be answered before release, what was shown at E3 gives a solid taste on the type of game players can expect when it hits shelves in early 2018.

Ghost of Tsushima

Top 10 Best Games Of E3 2018 1
Ghost of Tsushima – Gameplay Images courtesy of Sony

A change of pace for studio Suckerpunch, Ghost of Tsushima takes players to feudal Japan, a time of brutal combat, honour, and warriors. Taking the reigns of a Samurai, you will have to master sword-based combat in one of the most striking PlayStation 4 titles to date. The use of colour, animation and natural movement, makes Ghost of Tsushima a striking title, and one that looks to push what we expect from the studio.

While not playable at the show, what was shown on and off the show floor gave our writer a strong sense of what players can expect when they finally get their hands on the game. From the setting to the way the striking way the visuals are used, Ghost of Tsushima is poised to be an exciting release for the PlayStation 4 platform, and another winner for Sony.

You can read our full preview of Ghost of Tsushima here.

Cyberpunk 2077

Top 10 Best Games Of E3 2018 2
Cyberpunk 2077 – Gameplay Images courtesy of CD Projekt Red

CD Projekt Red is known for their visually striking experiences, and Cyberpunk 2077 is no different. With one of the stunning and technically impressive demos at the show, Cyberpunk has industry, press and fans excited for what the game has in store.

The fifty some minute demo gives a clear picture of a deep, rich world, filled with choice and abilities. If games like The Witcher are any indication of what fans can expect from this new release, they are in for a treat. From an adult-oriented, impactful story, to countless branching paths, Cyberpunk 2077 is poised to be one of the seminal releases when it finally hits stores at an undisclosed date.

You can read our full preview of Cyberpunk 2077 here.

Last of Us Part II

Top 10 Best Games Of E3 2018 3
Last of Us Part II – Gameplay Images courtesy of Sony

Last of Us gave the world Joel and Ellie, in a brutal, disturbing story about the sins of man when faced with the horrific future, and Studio Naughty Dog is seemingly pushing the envelope for the sequel. Last of Us Part II takes the young Ellie, a more mature and damaged character than we say in its predecessor, and thrusts her into young adulthood with some of the most visceral violence at E3 2018.

Pushing what gamers can expect from animation in gaming, Last of Us Part II  gives a taste of what the studio that built Uncharted can do when set loose on a project. The demo also gave a clear picture of how gaming is no longer shying away from sexuality and  . A solid demo, and a great stance for Sony to take as a company placing the demo as the centrepiece of its E3 press conference. Everything from Last of Us Part II looks to improve on what players experienced in the first installment. Hopefully, Sony gives a deeper look at the game on the runup to release, but from what we have seen, Last of Us Part II  is looking exciting.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Top 10 Best Games Of E3 2018 4
Shadow of the Tomb Raider – Gameplay Images courtesy of Square-Enix

The latest iteration of the Tomb Raider franchise pushed for realism, a believable, flawed protagonist, and a story arc that gives the player a clear concept of how she became the person she was always meant to be. Now, at the end of the trilogy, Lara is finally coming into her own. Pushing past the scared young woman in the first game, she, through circumstances beyond her control, is forced to make hard choices.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is perhaps the darkest the Tomb Raider series has ever been. With the fate of the world as we know it in the balance, Lara must do things she never thought herself capable of doing. Taking down gun-wielding soldiers with brutal efficiency, and exploring some of the most deadly caves in the series, Shadow of the Tomb Raider is poised to be a fitting end to this arc of Lara’s story. Hitting PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this September, fans will not have long to wait to sink their teeth into this human, yet still brutal story.

You can read our full preview of Shadow of the Tomb Raider here.

Fallout 76

Top 10 Best Games Of E3 2018 5
Fallout 76 – Gameplay Images courtesy of Bethesda

Fallout has quickly become one of the most prominent western RPG franchise. With main installments and side games gaining critical and public acclaim. Now with one of the more ambitious concepts for the series to date, Bethesda Softworks is looking to bring the series online, letting you and your friends inhabit a wasteland where you can choose to either build or destroy as you see fit.

With all human NPC roles now filled by real players and a deep survival mechanism, Fallout 76  is looking to push the series forward once again. Taking a big risk that, if done right, can bring a whole new audience to the Fallout franchise. Combine that with human-controlled nukes, and you have yourself a winning formula for the series moving forward.

Forza Horizon 4

Top 10 Best Games Of E3 2018 6
Forza Horizon 4 – Gameplay Images courtesy of Microsoft

The Forza series has quickly, over a slew of amazing releases, become the pinnacle of racing games. If the demo on display at E3 2018 is anything to go on, Forza Horizon 4 is keeping up with that trend. Offering players a British countryside to explore, new supercars to race in, and seasons that change the way the game plays, Forza keeps pushing boundaries on what players should expect from racing games.

Microsoft, with the Xbox One X, has given developers a powerhouse console, and Forza Horizon 4 is taking advantage of all that power with stunning visuals, amazing effects and some of the most realistic cars this side of the race track. If the demo at E3 2018 is anything to go buy, Forza Horizon 4 is a game to look out for this October.

Kingdom Hearts III

Top 10 Best Games Of E3 2018 7
Kingdom Hearts III – Gameplay Images courtesy of Square Enix

Fans have been waiting for over a decade between main releases, but finally, that wait is almost over. Kingdom Hearts III is shaping up to be an exciting release, taking from decades worth of Disney movies and shows. The inclusion of films like Toy Story to Frozen, and finally pushing the visuals in ways that only this modern generation of consoles can, Kingdom Hearts III is shaping up to be a release fans can get excited about.

The gameplay of Kingdom Hearts III delivers in a way that only a Square Enix made JRPG can. While offering easy to understand, hard to master gameplay the series is known for, this latest installment is poised to be a great entry to fans who have looked at the series from afar. Hitting systems January 2019, fans will not have long to wait to finally get their chance to finish the saga of Goofy, Donald and Sora as they go into the final stage of their journey.

You can read our full preview of Kingdom Hearts III here.

The Messenger

Top 10 Best Games Of E3 2018 8
The Messenger – Gameplay Images courtesy of Devolver Digital

We all remember the challenging ninja games from the NES and SNES family of consoles. They offered complex levels, tests of skill, and often degrees of frustration that only kids with countless hours of free time would put up with. What if there was a game that combined both NES and SNES games in one, with a healthy dose of tongue and cheek humour. This is where Sabotage Studio new, engaging action platformer The Messenger comes into play.

Running two different games simultaneously, the NES, and SNES looking experiences give a new twist on the Metroidvania genre. With a good challenge, a fun sense of humour, and a mind-bending mechanic, it is no wonder The Messenger is cleaning up awards from PAX to E3. From the demo on display, the studio has a winner on their hands, and I for one am excited to finally get to play the full game when it hits consoles and PC.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Top 10 Best Games Of E3 2018 9
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Gameplay Images courtesy of From Software

From Software are known for the brutally difficult Souls series of games, a series that has birthed a full genre, and spawning countless copycats in the process. Now the Tokyo based studio is looking to mix things up, stepping away from the Souls series, at least for a little while, and giving fans a new game, in a wholly new franchise.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice looks to take the strong combat, inventive enemies, and brutal difficulty to a Japanese setting. Setting aside the broadsword for a katana, and riffing on the resurrect mechanic the Souls series was built on is poised to be an exhilarating yet challenging title from the iconic studio. While little is known about how the game will work beyond what was shown in the behind closed doors demo, what was on show, looked exciting. From the verticality to the movement and the innovative stance system look to make Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice a winner for fans of From software, to people that just love action titles.

You can read our full preview of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice here.

E3 2018 Nominees

With such a strong year, not every game can win best of the show. Though many games we wanted to win, did not make the cut, we wanted to take the time to honour them, and give credit where it was due on these stand out showings. From Spider-Man to Hitman 2, these are games that even though they did not make the best of list this year, are some of the strongest showings at E3 2018, and should not be missed.

My Friend Pedro
Jump Force
Smash Bros
Rage 2
Ori and the Will of the Wisps
Hitman 2
Skull and Bones
Soul Calibur 6

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