Amnesia: Rebirth (PC) Review

Adam Nizam

Amnesia: Rebirth (PC) Review

Amnesia: Rebirth (PC) Review

Amnesia: Rebirth offers a thrilling addition to fans of the original, but non-fans will likely face an uphill climb to enjoyment.
Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time (PS4) Review 1

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time (PS4) Review

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time delivers on the years of fan demand by offering enough to keep longtime players and newcomers hooked by the recent remasters equally happy.
Mandy (2018) Review 2

Mandy (2018) Review

It’s easy to picture a reality where Mandy is a bargain-bin Rob Zombie or Eli Roth film.
Hold the Dark (2018) Review

Hold the Dark (2018) Review

“I’m not talking about animals here, Mr. Core. I’m talking about people.” The lead police officer in the snowy Arctic town that Hold the Dark is set in tells this to the film’s protagonist, writer and wolf expert Russell Core, after the story’s first big twist.
Outlaw King (2018) Review 2

Outlaw King (2018) Review

In the 12th century, the King of Scotland, Robert the Bruce, was declared an outlaw by occupying English forces. Left with a small force of 40 or so men, Robert began a guerrilla campaign against the vastly larger and better equipped English army, managing to eventually succeed against all odds and drive them out.
Frostpunk Gamescom 2017 Preview - Trapped Under Ice

Frostpunk Gamescom 2017 Preview – Trapped Under Ice

Whenever conversations are had about Poland’s game dev scene, they tend to revolve around CD Projekt Red, the developers of the acclaimed Witcher franchise and proprietors of the GOG digital distribution platform. However, when it comes to the indie scene, the current big name is 11 bit studios, the developers responsible for the 2014 indie […]
Breakaway Gamescom 2017 Preview - Trouble in the Amazon 3

Breakaway Gamescom 2017 Preview – Trouble in the Amazon

Not content with a film production company and enough money to buy four countries, Amazon has opened a game development studio, Amazon Game Studios, which has been working on their first game, a “fantasy battle sport” title called Breakaway. Combining the gameplay of Pyre with the art style of recent multiplayer shooters like Battleborn and […]
Genesis Alpha One Preview -

Genesis Alpha One Preview – A Hopeful Liftoff

Any first-person survival game with a procedurally generated setting that involves space travel is bound to get a suspicious side-eye after the disastrous launch of No Man’s Sky last year. The fanfare and explosive hype behind that game got so out of hand that it led to hardcore players pre-emptively calling it “the last game […]
The Fallen Star of PlatinumGames

Did PlatinumGames Lose Their Touch?

It’s hard to watch a once mighty talent fall.
Opinion - Amazon's Anime Strike Doesn't Work 2

Opinion – Amazon’s Anime Strike Doesn’t Work

A few weeks ago, Amazon announced a paid subscription service specifically for anime called Anime Strike.

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