U.S. parent bemoans adoption jokes in Portal 2

Luke Bailey


U.S. parent bemoans adoption jokes in Portal 2

The father of an adopted child wasn’t prepared for certain conversations in Portal 2.

No Valve at E3

The company won’t have any official presence at this year’s show.

Spike TV to air Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference

The basic cable channel will air the entire press conference on June 6th.

Batman goes multiplayer (kind of) with Gotham City Impostors

Monolith is working on a team-based downloadable FPS set in the Batman universe.

Capcom promises more for PC gamers

The PC is becoming “increasingly important” for the Japanese developer.

Sega announces new “Alien” game

The next game inspired by the “Alien” film franchise has its sights set on Dead Space.

Bobby Kotick says developers should be platform agnostic

The Activision CEO doesn’t want to take sides in the console wars.

Capcom: PSN outage potentially costing us millions

Third party developers have become collateral damage thanks to the recent attack on Sony.

Remedy confirms new, non-sequel Alan Wake

Remedy is working on the next Alan Wake and says that the new project is neither DLC nor a sequel.

No Bungie at E3 2011

The Halo developer won’t be sharing a new game at this year’s show.

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