Capcom promises more for PC gamers

| May 13, 2011

The PC is becoming “increasingly important” for the Japanese developer.

Christian Svensson, the Senior VP at Capcom, says that the company is looking to expand its presence in the PC marketplace and hopes to offer something beyond the occasional port.

“The PC helps teach a company how to be a global and how to embrace emerging markets and business models,” wrote Svensson on the Capcom-Unity blog. “As we continue to expand our businesses in Russia, China, Korea and Brazil, the PC becomes increasingly important as it is the primary platform in those territories. In our recent investor relations presentations, we’ve mentioned that our online efforts are aimed squarely at South Korea and China, focused around the PC.”

One just needs to look at the massive popularity of the Starcraft games in South Korea to know that the PC gaming market over there is huge. Even so, Capcom is primarily a console developer so we’ll have to wait to find out if they’ll be able to successfully adapt games (or create new ones) explicitly for PC audiences.

Source: Capcom-Unity Blog

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