The Division 2 Video Review - Judge Judy And Executioner

Mike Cosimano

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The Division 2 Video Review – Judge Judy and Executioner

With a stronger endgame and a solid loot treadmill, The Division 2 from Ubisoft, preaches to the choir, fully uninterested in converting those who find the series unpleasant to play for one reason or another.
The Division 2 (Ps4) Review 1

The Division 2 (PS4) Review

The Division 2 is perhaps the clearest possible example of a sequel exclusively appealing to fans of the original. Its biggest improvement over its predecessor – the dense post-level cap “endgame” content – will not entice anyone bored by the MMO-lite grind hidden beneath the shooter trappings, nor will it be enough to distract those […]
Far Cry New Dawn (Ps4) Review 1

Far Cry New Dawn (PS4) Review

Far Cry New Dawn’s biggest problem is that it is a narrative sequel to Far Cry 5. It’s otherwise a better game in every way, thanks to a renewed focus on outpost conquest and less of everything that made the last game such a slog to play, but its predecessor’s canonical ending left the series […]
The Top 10 Tv Shows Of 2018

The Top 10 TV Shows of 2018

This was a surprisingly tough list to write! There was a lot of good TV this year, but more importantly, there was a lot of interesting TV this year, and that’s no bad thing. Although I’m happy with how this list turned out, here’s a bunch of shows I really want to talk about before […]
Just Cause 4 (Pc) Preview

Just Cause 4 (PC) Preview

Everyone is stealing from the wrong open-world video game companies. These days, sandbox games are either iterating on Rockstar’s filmic crime epics or Ubisoft’s tower-laden crafting adventures, when the Just Cause games are right there for the plagiarizing and have been for years. The series’ cycle of resplendent, emergent chaos feeding into campaign progress, which […]
Hitman 2 (Xbox One) Review

Hitman 2 (Xbox One) Review

Hitman 2 is an odd duck. The fact it exists at all after Square Enix and IO Interactive’s breakup is something of a miracle, even before you consider the returning emphasis on large, detailed, unquestionably expensive murder playgrounds. You can plainly see where the development team cut a few small corners to make it out […]
Wwe 2K19 (Ps4) Review 1

WWE 2K19 (PS4) Review

WWE 2K19 is not boring, and for that alone it should be commended. For the first time in years, getting virtual wrestlers to do cool things is easier, thanks to smarter move sets and a less demanding set of mechanics.
Forza Horizon 4 (Xbox One) Review

Forza Horizon 4 (Xbox One) Review

I was about to graduate high school when the first Forza Horizon came out. I loved it, in part because any piece of media that helped me get another mouthwatering taste of my impending freedom obviously had a leg up.
Unsane (2018) Review 6

Unsane (2018) Review

She isn’t. That’s the answer to the question posed by Unsane’s marketing: “Is she or isn’t she?”
Florence Could Be 2018’S Most Interesting Game

Florence Could be 2018’s Most Interesting Game

As the democratization of game creation tools marches on, making it easier than ever for anyone with an idea to make their own video game, I’m happy to see that more games are catering to people like me: depressed and trying to figure out their 20s. If the baby boomers and Gen X-ers got to […]

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