Worse Than Death (Ios) Review

Pedro D’Avila

Worse Than Death (Ios) Review 5

Worse Than Death (IOS) Review

As a big horror game fanatic, I’ve started to notice a gradual but increasingly worrying trend as horror experiences start to become synonymous with jump scares. Worse Than Death, a point and click thriller, brings a new, immersion focused take on horror—ultimately creating an experience that kept me on the edge of my seat through […]
Human Fall Flat Comes To Mobile June 26 1

Human Fall Flat Comes To Mobile June 26

Love it or hate it, mobile gaming has become a phenomenon of its own, reaching hundreds of publishers from the indie sector to the triple-A studious. Latest in joining this trend is Human Fall Flat, a clunky and incredibly comical physics game that many players have fond memories of.
Pixel 4 Leak Leaves More Questions Than Answers 2

Pixel 4 Leak Leaves More Questions than Answers

The Pixel 3 was leaked to infinity, with full retail versions being sold in-box across Hong Kong and Russia weeks before the device’s initial debut. This year, however, it seems as if Google is tired of playing the leak game, instead choosing to unveil its upcoming Pixel 4 in what was a move that left […]
Amazon Game Studios Lays Off “Dozens” Amidst E3 2019 2

Amazon Game Studios Lays Off “Dozens” Amidst E3 2019

E3 is praised by video-game enthusiasts every year as a prime time for the medium. During this year’s conference, however, reorganizational shifts in Amazon Game Studio left many without a job, making their E3 2019 a difficult one.
Xiaomi Announces The Xiaomi 7A; K20 And K20 Pro

Xiaomi Announces The Xiaomi 7A; K20 and K20 Pro

Ever since the Xiaomi Mi 9, the Chinese company has proved it can provide users with quality phones at an affordable price. Now, Xiaomi continues this trend with three newly announced products. The K20 and K20 pro are Xiaomi’s first revision of the all screen phone-concept since the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3. Featuring a 6.39 […]
Pixel 3A Set To Bring Budget To Google’s Lineup 1

Pixel 3a Set to Bring Budget to Google’s Lineup

With Google’s biggest event, Google I/O, happening next week, many have started to wonder what the Android behemoth has in store for users this year – But in now typical Google fashion, plans have leaked, holding promise to close the gap in what has for a while been Google’s lineup’s most formidable issue: price. The […]
Ripkord.tv Offers 1M Usd Prize In Its New, Record Breaking Interactive Show

Ripkord.TV Offers 1M USD Prize In Its New, Record Breaking Interactive Show

At 4:30 pm PDT / 7:30 pm EDT today, Ripkord.tv, an interactive mobile app that combines the fun of live TV shows and the social engagement of traditional game shows, is offering their users with a chance to win a share of a million dollar prize pool – all in the form of Ripkord.tv’s accessible […]
Claybook (Nintendo Switch) Review

Claybook (Nintendo Switch) Review

I’d be lying if is I said that from time to time, my inner child did not whisper of memories of my youth – days filled with the emotion and creativity that was all contained in one easy to lose Play-Doh tub. After toying around with Claybook, I found that it not only keeps my […]
Resident Evil 0, 1 And 4 Creeping Their Way Onto The Nintendo Switch 1

Resident Evil 0, 1 and 4 Creeping their Way Onto the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch owners, prepare to get scared all over again on May 21st as Resident Evil is finally arriving on Nintendo’s latest platform, bringing with it the three highest rated games in horror gaming history.
Running Out Of Memory? 1Tb Microsd Cards Are Now A Reality 1

Running Out Of Memory? 1TB microSD cards Are Now a Reality

Ever found yourself wanting to take yet another picture of your furry friend just to be left whimpering at yet another disastrous “Low memory” warning? We’ve all been there, but thanks to blazing advancements in technology, SanDisk may just have a solution to our first world problem.

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