Huawei Unveils New Foldable, Brings Light to 5G Future

Huawei Unveils New Foldable, Brings Light to 5G Future

Pack your bags because 4G technology is finally on its way out. Chinese company Huawei seems to admit to this mentality, as it took on stage today to deliver a presentation exclusively pinpointed to discuss the brand’s 5G future.

The news came as the company’s Executive Director Ryan Ding took 2019’s Mobile World Congress’ stage to announce the company’s new 4K video on demand service on its brand new foldable Mate X, which of course was powered by the latest state of the art 5G technology.

“The Wave of 5G is sweeping the globe”

“The wave of 5G is sweeping the globe, giving us a better life empowered by new technologies. At the same time, the Gbit/s-level connections enabled by 5G and the monetization of experience fueled by CloudX services give global carriers new business opportunities.” said Ding during the presentation, emphasising the company’s vision in delivering a inner-connected technology future.

Beyond 5G however, the devices Huawei featured at MWC came as just as much of a surprise. Featuring a two-fold 8inch OLED display, the foldable Mate X comes promptly to market in order to battle Samsung’s recently announced Galaxy Fold.

Unlike the Galaxy Fold, Huawei’s foldable Mate X will feature the company’s in-house Kirin 980, but most importantly, the company has implemented a different folding mechanism to that of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, allowing for the foldable Mate X (despite of being a mouthful) to be the thinnest foldable yet to reach market, coming in at only 11 centimetres when folded.

Like the Samsung Galaxy Fold, however, we don’t expect either device will reach the wide public, not only for the fact that both are inevitably the first generation, but also that both come in at over $2000, enough money to buy not only one but two of Apple’s already pricey iPhone XS.

The Huawei Foldable Mate X is expected to launch mid-2019 and will be priced at $2600 for its entry 8GB Ram 512GB memory variant.

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