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The Ubisoft Open World Formula is Feeling Dated

The Ubisoft open-world format Seen in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and Watch Dogs: Legion is polished but stale, and it is in need of a serious overhaul.

Volta-X Preview: Every Flying Mecha Punch Has a Purpose

Volta-X is anything but your run-off-the mill mecha beat 'em up. By going the opposite direction, it might even set the bar for how mecha games can be.

Marvel’s Avengers Preview: Rising from the Ashes

Marvel’s Avengers manages to effectively capture the personalities and fighting style of the Avengers in a way that manages to overshadow the game’s technical issues.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition Preview

If you’re looking for a straightforward action RPG that you can play with friends across multiple devices, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition looks like it will offer some good times.

Inception 10th Anniversary: Why Cobb Is Still Very Dreaming

Inception, Christopher Nolan's puzzling science-fiction action thriller turns ten today, but its rules for dreams play both ways for Cobb's survival at the end.

Death Stranding PC Preview

Making its PC debut, Hideo Kojima's long-awaited PlayStation 4 exclusive Death Stranding makes its way on to PC, bringing with it an impressive first-showing.

Humankind Preview: A Refreshing Take on The 4X Formula

Humankind brings new concepts to the 4X genre, and while it is hard to say how they will play out in the long run, what I have seen makes me excited to sit down and play it once it hits PC in 2021.

CGM Dads and Grads Gift Guide 2020

With Father’s day around the corner, and most students finishing another term of school, CGM is here to offer up a gift guide to find the best choices for Dads and Grads everywhere!

Razer Brings Software Based THX to Windows and It's Fantastic

Razer brings the power of THX to any headphones connected to a computer thanks to its new spatial audio Windows app.

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