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An American Pickle (2020) Review

An American Pickle is often short on laughs, but it has more than enough heart to compensate.

Peninsula (2020) Review

Peninsula is a wacky standalone sequel that doesn’t quite manage to marry camp and drama in a meaningful way.

Random Acts of Violence (2020) Review

Random Acts of Violence falls flat at trying to embrace larger themes and subvert horror tropes. Without these unrealized stabs at something more, it’s a great scare that looks gorgeous from creative lighting to massacre tableaus.

The Rental (2020) Review

Dave Franco has a decent career ahead of him based on his horror-fest directorial debut of The Rental.

My Spy (2020) Review

My Spy is both sappy and occasionally clever, led by two charismatic and likable leads.

Palm Springs (2020) Review

Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti bring gravitas to a silly-but-totally-works premise in Palm Spring.

Greyhound (2020) Review

Tom Hanks is as enigmatic as ever in Greyhound, amid a sometimes tepid and generic script.

Relic (2020) Review

For those willing to throw the desire for outright explanations to the wind and dip their toes into atmosphere as a living metaphor for real fears, Relic is a well made haunt that creates a phantom sense of creepy crawlies.

Hamilton (Disney+) (2020) Review

Hamilton as a production may have flaws, but this adaptation is a great way to experience it, and I hope more plays follow suit.

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