Shovel Knight Dig Guide: How to Get the True Ending

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Shovel Knight Dig Guide: How to Get the True Ending 3

To reach the true end of Shovel Knight Dig requires a lot of skill and practice. You may need to play through multiple times until you finally succeed. If you’re looking for an easier route to the true end of Shovel Knight Dig, check out our guide below.

Step 1: Send Altius underground

When you launch the Shovel Knight Dig (a new game mode), you’ll first notice a purple bird flying above the screen. You need to hit it with a pickaxe to make it fly into the sky. Then, you need to chase after it and repeatedly jump on its back until it falls down below the ground.

Shovel Knight Dig Guide: How To Get The True Ending

Step 2: Find Altius in the Mushroom Mines

You’ll need to go into a hidden room or a blue-lanterned room on one of the three levels of the Mushroom Mine. Once there, you’ll need to open the chest where the bird is sitting, and then head down the passage.

Step 3: Find Chester and all the gears in the secret fountain or smelter

After completing the Mushroom Mine, you will be taken to either the Smelter (if you’re playing as an Elf) or the Secret Fountain (if you’re playing as an Orc). You must complete two quests before leaving the level. The first quest is to locate Chester and purchase the Cog on a string for 1500 gems. The second quest is to collect all three gears, and head to the far side of the first level.

Step 4: Complete the Secret Fountain or Smelter

Now you simply need to complete the zone by reaching the end of the section. If you clear the zone, you will receive either the Secret Fountain or Smelter, depending upon which biome was just completed.

Step 5: Donate three accessories at the secret fountain or smelter

Regardless of the biome they’re currently in, their task should be to locate a large golden statue on every floor. These are located in the areas marked with blue lanterns; they can only be found after donating an accessory to each one. Once these are obtained, the player must defeat the biome bosses and descend into the lower level to obtain the bone key.

Shovel Knight Dig Guide: How To Get The True Ending 1

Step 6: Open the triple locked door in the maggot pit or the magic junkyard

After entering Grub Pit or Magicland, Shovel Knight has to find a triple locked door and use the key to unlock it. If he hits the spiked floor, the key will break and the chance for the true ending will be lost. Once you’ve unlocked the door, Altrius will give you the Omega Driver relic, after which you have go back to the beginning of the level and work your way to the finish line.

Step 7: Use the Bomb in the Maggot Pit or Magic Junkyard

You’ll now enter the new biomes you haven’t selected yet. These biomes contain bombs that will blow up after 30 seconds if you don’t get them delivered to their destination. If you place a nearby explosive near the rock wall, you’ll be able to pass through the wall and reach the next level before the explosion occurs.

Step 8: Fight the Drill Knight

Once you’ve completed the fifth biome, you’ll enter the Drill Knight’s castle. There, you’ll get the Omega Drive Relic. You’ll then need to hold onto this relic for the rest of the game. When you’re fighting the drill knight, use your shovel to damage him until he climbs up the walls.

Step 9: Use the Omega driver on the Omega saw

Once the drill knight has jumped onto the platform, the Omega Saw will appear and chase the player. You must keep digging to the right and waiting for the Omega Saw to come into view. When this happens, you must hit the Omega Saw with the Omega Driver to destroy it.

Shovel Knight Dig Guide: How To Get The True Ending 2

Step 10: Complete the Crystal Core in Shovel Knight Dig

Now that we’ve reached the end of the Crystal Core Biomes, there’s nothing else for us to do but finish the game. After this you can finally enjoy the true ending of the game.

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