How To Connect Your DualSense PS5 Controller to Your PC

How To Connect Your DualSense PS5 Controller to Your PC 3

The PlayStation 5 DualSense is a step-up to their previous generation. Not only that, the new designs are vastly different, they have better functionality that allows easier pairing with your other devices. I remember having to struggle with figuring out how to connect my PS4 controllers to my PC a long time ago. Now that the new controllers are different, I will show you some multiple methods to ensure that you don’t get your brain tangled up with trying to connect these to your PC.  


This is actually not so different from the previous DualShock controllers, the only difference is the USB-Type C that is required to charge the controllers. You are going to be needing a USB-Type C to USB-Type A to plug into your PC and your controller at the same time, there might be one laying around if you haven’t lost the one that comes with the PS5 console.


This method will allow you to connect to your PC through your DualSense wirelessly. The steps aren’t complicated themselves but if you aren’t familiar with Bluetooth, I will go through the steps so you can follow along.


Search for devices on your PC

How To Connect Your DualSense PS5 Controller to Your PC

First thing you need to do is to start up the pairing mode on your PC. This can be done through the Bluetooth settings under the “Add Bluetooth or other Devices” button. Once you click on that, select the option “Everything Else” then your PC should start for devices.


Start pairing mode on your DualSense

How To Connect Your DualSense PS5 Controller to Your PC 1

After the first step, grab onto your DualSense controller and hold onto the share button and the PS5 logo until the LEDs around the touchpads flashes rapidly. Your controller should show up onto the list of devices on your PC


Establish the connection

How To Connect Your DualSense PS5 Controller to Your PC 2

After all of the previous steps, you can click connect on your PC and you can enjoy gaming with the DualSense on your PC.

Setting up the DualSense controllers to connect to your PC couldn’t be any easier. The only downside is that some of the features added onto the new controllers aren’t accessible for PC connections such as the “haptic” motors that immerse you into the game through the vibration created by the controller. Although it’s something that can be ignored since it doesn’t have much use. Now that everything is out of the way and you have your controllers connected, you can game on!

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