How to Download & Install Steam

Your Guide To Get You Started With PC Gaming

How To Download & Install Steam 1

Steam is one of the biggest and most well-known digital storefronts for PC Games, with most of the PC titles you could want, along with their DLC found on there. To help ensure you have all the information needed to jump into PC gaming, we have a handy guide to take you step-by-step through the process of downloading and installing steam.

Valve has made Steam very easy to get into, so we will get you set up, and show you how to install Steam and start enjoying all the games the PC has to offer.

Go To The Steam Website

How To Download & Install Steam 3

Open your web browser and head over to the Steam store website or click here.

Select the "Install Steam" Button

How To Download & Install Steam 2

Once on the page, select the “Install Steam” button in the top right hand corner of the page.

Choose your Platform

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The big blue “Install Steam” button is for Windows, but Steam is available for PC, Mac and Linux, so once here, simply hit the “Install Steam” button if you’re on Windows, or choose the appropriate logo below for Mac or Linux. Once you click the appropriate system, the browser will prompt you to download the file.

Start Installing Steam

How To Download & Install Steam 5

From here, you need to run the download package. Click the box that popped up in the bottom left. A window will open. Click “Next”, then choose your language and click “next” again to continue the process.

Choose a Steam Install Folder

How To Download & Install Steam 6

Here lets you select any folder for the install file. It is advised you select a folder on a hard-drive with enough space to install some games. You can change the game install folder at a later time if you find you are running low on space. Once you click “Next” the install for Steam will finish up.

Get Ready to Enjoy Steam

How To Download & Install Steam 7

Once the install for Steam is done, simply select “Finish”. Steam is now ready to be used, and it should start once the installer is closed. If it does not, you can run the application, where it will get things setup, and you are ready to log-in and start downloading your games.

Now that you have steam installed, you are ready to explore what PC games are avalable for sale on the store. Valve has a vast assortment of games on Steam, and there are constant sales to give you a headstart in building your PC games library. If there are games you want to enjoy but they are a bit more than you are looking to pay right now, add them to your wishlist and wait, there is a high likelihood there will be a Steam Seasonal sale to save on all the games you want the most.

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Patrick James

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