CGMagazine October 2015: The Buyer’s Guide

| October 16, 2015
CGMagazine October 2015: The Buyer's Guide

October 2015

The 2015 CGMagazine Buyers guide is here. With guides to help you make the purchases for people on your holiday wishlist, and selections of the best products of the year, this is your invaluable resource for the shopping season.


Understanding ESRB Ratings
The Console Guide
The Evolution Of Living: Living Room Audio
Gaming On The Go: Making The Right Choice

Must Own:

Must Own: Top 10 Blu-Rays
Must Own: 10 Must Read Comics
Must Own: Hardware
Must Own: Indie Games
Must Own: Racing Games
Must Own: Remastered Games
Must Own: Action Games
Must Own: Roleplaying Games
Must Own: Multiplayer Games
Must Own: Atmospheric Games
Must Own Titles That Are Fun For All Ages

Cgmagazine October 2015: The

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