CGMagazine April 2015: The Fitness Issue

| Apr 16, 2015

April 2015

Wellness, Fitness, videogames aren’t necessarily words that all fit together, but things have been changing in the interactive world in recent years. New technology and a desire on the industry’s part to shed the slovenly reputation of the hobby have given new avenues for the health conscious to start using games to get fit. In this issue, Cody discusses Nintendo turning the spotlight on fitness gaming, Raynika backs this up by discussing how WiiFit popularized “exergaming” and Liana discusses her gaming habits while biking.


Johnathan Hickman & Marvel Go To War
How To Stop Worrying And Love The Fast And The Furious
How TO Fight Like A Video Game Character
Forging Bodies In The Crucible Of Gaming
How Games Can Help With Emotional/Mental Health
Fitness and Video Games: How Nintendo Got Everyone Off The Couch
Wii Are Kickin’ Up A Sweat: Nintendo’s Fitness Revolution
Xboxercise! The Battle Of The Bulge Goes To Consoles
Game Consoles: The New Personal Fitness Trainer
Showing Pain: Dramatizing Video Game Injuries


Mortal Kombat X
Grand Theft Auto V (PC)
Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin
Pillars of Eternity

End Game

Dance Dance Revolution

Cgmagazine April 2015: The Fitness Issue

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