GSN Games and Rovio Launch Angry Birds Champions on WorldWinner Browser and iOS App!

Angry Birds Champions is taking flight on WorldWinner, offering a flock of passionate fans a brand new way to play.  WorldWinner, a leader in skill-based competitions, today launches a new game in partnership with Rovio Entertainment, Angry Birds Champions. Available on WorldWinner.com and the WorldWinner iOS app, Angry Birds Champions is the official cash tournament version of Angry Birds and puts a new spin on the classic mobile game.

Angry Birds Champions allows players to hone their bird-slinging in officially sanctioned cash tournaments, giving fans a chance to show off their skills and compete for real money. True to the Angry Birds franchise, the familiar physics-based gameplay and strategy puts players’ pig-popping skills to the test. Angry Birds Champions also features the charming characters and memorable sound effects that Angry Birds fans know and love.

Angry Birds Champions introduces real-money competition and prizing to the world of Rovio Entertainment’s Angry Birds, the #1 mobile game series of all time with four billion downloads since 2009,” said Jeremy Shea, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Skill Games at GSN Games. “Our team is very excited to work with Rovio in creating the official cash tournament version of Angry Birds. We’re all big fans of the franchise!”

“We wanted to take Angry Birds to the next level by offering our huge fanbase a chance to put their slingshot skills to the test, and compete for real money’’ said Wilhelm Taht, Executive Vice President, Games at Rovio Entertainment. “WorldWinner represents the best in class when it comes to designing tournament versions of the world’s most popular games. We felt confident that their team would deliver a compelling experience that brings together the beloved characters of Angry Birds coupled with the challenging gameplay and the necessary strategy and skill.”

WorldWinner delivers a tournament format in which players’ skills directly contribute to their success. Popular Angry Birds strategies include aiming accurately and triggering birds’ powers at the right time, knowing the birds’ strengths and using the right bird for a particular target, correctly calculating the physics interactions and applying new knowledge to each successive shot.

To take advantage of player skill sets, the team created two different tournament formats, as well as all-new Angry Birds Champions gameplay features:

  • Tournament Formats:

o    Best of Three – Play the same level three times and only the highest score is counted.

o    Progression Mode – Take on three different levels in a row, and the score is the sum of all three levels; Players only get one chance, so pre-planning and demonstrating skill and strategy right out of the gate is important.

  • New Features:
  • Swap: In each Angry Birds Champions tournament, players get a limited number of “Swap” power-ups that can be used to exchange the bird in the slingshot for the next bird on deck, enhancing the strategic element of the game.
  • Varied Levels: Each Angry Birds Champions level is assembled from sets of prefabricated fortress pieces, presenting players with a new and interesting challenge each time they compete.

To celebrate its new game, WorldWinner is hosting a $10,000 Angry Birds Champions Sweepstakes, which kicks off on Monday, February 19 at midnight ET. Players will earn one entry for every $1 they spend in Angry Birds Champions cash tournaments. The sweepstakes grand prize is $5,000, with the next 10 winners receiving $500 each. See official rules for details.

Competitive gamers of all skill levels who are looking to build their nest egg simply need to register for a WorldWinner account. Players can practice with free warm-up tournaments, then make an initial deposit and pay an entry fee to participate in Angry Birds Champions cash tournaments, where they can put their pig-punishing skill to the test. Angry Birds Champions is now available to play online on WorldWinner.com and the WorldWinner iOS app.

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