Rockspace Wi-Fi System Triples Its Power At Low Cost

Rockspace’s tri-band Wi-Fi setup is the one that every household will appreciate.

With the events over the last year and a half, home working has become the norm and as the world adapts to the current situation, most businesses are now allowing their staff a more flexible working lifestyle without having to go to the office daily. This requires a robust uninterrupted network infrastructure such as powerful router and other accessories.

Thankfully, networking experts, rockspace, has recently released its AC2100 Tri-band Mesh WiFi System, which serves as a replacement for a router and Wi-Fi extender. The whole home mesh Wi-Fi system features 5Ghz powerful WLAN full-featured front-end module and beamforming technology, designed to cover up to 6000 sq.ft area, with coverage in up to 8 rooms and the ability to connect over 100 devices. 

In contrast to the traditional dual-band mesh Wi-Fi systems or those that include 1 router plus 2 satellites available on the market, the rockspace whole-home advanced tri-band mesh Wi-Fi network system can effectively reduce weak signal by utilising the Wi-Fi signal among the 3 units of the mesh router with a dedicated band. All 3 units can be regarded as independent routers and can be connected with different modems to create 3 separate Wi-Fi signals without the need to distinguish the main router from the 2 satellites.

Rockspace Wi-Fi System Triples Its Power At Low Cost 2

The main highlight of the rockspace AC2100 Tri-band Mesh Wi-Fi System 2021 is that it eliminates Wi-Fi dead spots with support for up to six dots. The rockspace home mesh Wi-Fi system is manufactured with all new mesh SSID WiFi technology with seamless connectivity. Equipped with six Gigabit LAN Ethernet ports (2+2+2), the AC2100 Tri-band Mesh Wi-Fi system is ideal for plugin computers, game consoles, streaming players, and other wired devices the home.

The companion RS app enables users to configure the whole home mesh Wi-Fi within just 10 minutes and also provides support for remote management of connected devices, Guest Wi-Fi, parental control and advanced functionalities. The True mesh technology ensures seamless and reliable connectivity. The MU-MIMO technology included with mesh routers for wireless internet automatically relieve congestion in busy and dense network environments.

The rockspace AC2100 mesh router is available in a triple pack and is currently available on Amazon for just $209.99 with an $80 discount and $40 coupon now live.