2021 Amazing Tech April Fools Products That We Wish Were Real

2021 Amazing Tech April Fools Products That We Wish Were Real 5

It’s the first of April, so that means some fun April Fools announcements from brands such as Razer and SecretLab.

Starting with Razer, the tech-giant in providing consumers with tried and tested gaming gear, announced the Razer Rapanuzel. If LED dotted tech wasn’t enough, the Razer Rapanzuel promises users’ with the biggest glow-up of their lives, literally. Using the latest in nanotechnology (enough to make even Hideo Kojima cry) ensures that the Razer Rapanzul’s 1337 ingredient list will transform your hair into a radiated delight of colours and turn you into a walking neon light show.

Secretlab And Razer Announce Amazing April Fools Products That Are Definitely Real 2
Razer Rapanzuel

If that isn’t enough to convince, just look at the amazing and 100% legitimate trailer that Razer has kindly provided below:

YouTube video

If the LED light show promises left by Razer weren’t enough to sate your appetite, Nvidia took the opportunity today to announce their brand-new and definitely in-stock graphics card for 2021, the Nvidia RTX 4090 that makes the elusive 3090 look like a relic of the 90s. Featuring up to 8 GPUs that can work in SLI mode while only taking up 4 PCiE slots, the 4090 is sure to be the hottest item of the year, not including the likely literal fires it will cause!

YouTube video

With the World still facing the onslaught of a global pandemic, more and more have found themselves at home, turning to the warmth and comfort provided by gaming, there for next up is SecretLab, who have taken it upon themselves to elevate the seating experience to man’s (and Woman’s) best friend!

SecretLabs, a leading brand in high-quality gaming chairs, have taken this unfortunate reality, spinning it into something positive by not only providing consumers with their premium chairs that they know and love but also catering to their canine audiences. Introducing the SecretLabs Titan Xxxxxs, the purrfect chair made suitable for the furry friends or kids in your life.

Featuring the same premium Softweave technology found in SecretLab’s standard offerings, the Xxxxx promises to deliver comfort for your pets (and children?) only bested by perhaps the fuzzy fur found on the very occupants of said chair!

Some highlight features straight from Secretlab includes +69 added points to napping quality, not to be mistaken by the buffed 420+ to comfort and the staggering but scientifically proven +9000 to happiness that SecretLab promises both your kids and pets will receive upon sitting on their new throne.

If that isn’t enough to get your tails wagging, here is a quote straight from SecretLab’s Facebook page:

“I used to refuse to sit when my daddy told me to, but the Secretlab TITAN Xxxxxs is so comfortable I literally can’t help myself. I can finally listen to ‘SIT’ commands now!” – Chewbarka

Currently, there is no release date for the SecretLab pet and kid friendly chair, nor the Razer Rapunzel, however, readers should expect more information regarding the product next April Fools Day.

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