Secretlab x Batman Titan Gaming Chair Review

The Best Gaming and Office Chairs for Women - Secretlab 1
Secretlab Cyberpunk 2077 Edition Titan Chair Review 2
Secretlab Titan
Company: Secret Lab
Type: Chair
MSRP: $559.00
CGM Editors Choice

The Secretlab x Batman Titan gaming chair delivers one of the best experiences for women while gaming or at the office.

The desire for a solid gaming or office chair has always existed, but the demand for the perfect selection certainly skyrocketed as many of us were relegated to working from home. Spending hours working, gaming, and even socializing at our desks, it is more and more imperative that our chairs are comfortable for our bodies. For many women, the selection of gaming and office chairs often leaves them trying to decipher if they’ll fit into the same chair as those with completely different dimensions.

 This series will set out to test the best gaming and office chairs for the average woman’s body type. Of course, not all women are built the same, but there are certain considerations many women must make, like hip size and height, this series will test the chairs with all that in mind.

The Best Gaming And Office Chairs For Women - Secretlab 2
Secretlab x Batman

For reference, the tester is about 5”4, 140lbs, wears a 28 waist, and is about average in every dimension. Hopefully, that provides a suitable avatar to contextualize chair dimensions so you can find the best chair for you. Today’s test subject: The Secretlab slate.

The chair that started this all is the Secretlab Omega. Known for their gaming chairs, Secretlab is no doubt the name that comes to mind when seeking one out. They boast three different models: The Omega, the Titan and the Titan XL, each targeting users by size, increasing from the Omega. Editor, Brendan Frye, did a detailed review of the Titan model from his perspective for their Cyberpunk 2077 model.

Based on the height and weight recommendation, the place to start was the Omega, however, this model was not conducive to average sized hips. The most noticeable difference between the Omega and the Titan, aside from size, is the seat base. The Omega has sides to hold your legs in place, while the Titan has a flat seat. For those with wider hips, the Omega is unforgiving.

Expecting the height to take the Titan out of the running, it was soon apparent that it’s an excellent chair. The titan is an incredibly comfortable chair with built in lumbar support, a pillow for neck support, and a comfortable seat base that supports adjusting your seating style throughout the day. In the below video review, you’ll find a more detailed comparison of the two models and why the Titan is such a standout option.

YouTube video

It’s more forgiving for different body types than it lets on (though it was just the right height for someone at 5”4, so shorter builds might consider a footrest or a different option), with effective adjustability that fit the average woman’s body type quite comfortably. Its luxury features are well worth its price point and the well-placed headrest and lumbar support are some of the best ergonomic supports of any chairs in this series.

Both the Titan and the Omega, but specifically the Titan, have multiple points of adjustability. Height, tilt, lumbar support, and 4D armrests are all adjustable and can be made to suit most any frame. The flat seat is wide enough for many sized bottoms and the armrests quash any feeling that seat is too wide for smaller framed people.

The chairs come in multiple finishes, including this coveted Joker colorway. Fandom options are usually in the 2.0 leather fabric, but those worried about heat can opt for the soft-weave fabric.

Secretlab X Batman Titan Gaming Chair Review
Secretlab x Batman

The prices range based on model, sales, and fabric finish. They are currently listed at $499 CAD for the Titan down from $529, prices increasing for different fabrics and fandom finishes. This makes the chair average priced, but still a large chunk of dough, so you’ll want to make sure it works for you. Sales come frequently enough that it’s definitely worth holding out.

The Bottom Line: The Secretlab Titan will blow you away. Though sold for taller frames, its adjustability made it work well for a shorter height and sit best around a curvier frame. It is comfortable for long hours and its forgiving seat base and armrests support different seating styles as you adjust throughout the day. If you can make it work in your budget, it is absolutely worth the price of admission.

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