Alienware’s New Gaming Notebooks Support VR Out-of-the-Box

Alienware's New Gaming Notebooks Support VR Out-of-the-Box 1

Alienware is celebrating 20 years in the PC gaming business by releasing a new line of devices. Their latest line of notebook computers are equipped with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10-Series family of GPUs, bringing an even higher level of performance to the laptops. The new hardware comes with improvement to thermal management and some added durability.

The new Alienware computers use a combination of anodized aluminum, magnesium alloy, steel reinforcement and copper to build their sturdy and functional bodies. Major improvements have been made in the way of managing heat by adding copper to Alienware’s unique thermal solution along with a new hinge-forward design that improves ventilation to better dissipate heat. It brings the sturdiness Alienware is known for.

These notebooks feature the brand new Alienware TactX keyboard. The TactX includes an optimized RGB LED to light its keys. To give it a sturdy feel, the TactX also has 2.2mm of gaming-grade travel and is reinforced with steel for added durability. The audio output has been upgraded with a new system where internal smart-amps monitor audio waveforms. This allows the computer to use the entire thermal margin of the speaker for a better sounding audio.

Alienware is releasing three laptops in this new line: the Alienware 17, Alienware 15 and Alienware 13. The Alienware 17 is the highest performing of the lot, coming with Intel  Core i7 k-series processor, DDR4 memory and IR Tobii eye-tracking technology that adds optional accessibility features based on where the user is looking. The Alienware 15 is the mid-sized model but is still a powerhouse in performance and graphics. The Alienware 13 is the brand’s smallest notebook with a screen coming in at about 13 inches. Alienware boasts that this model is one of the most compact VR-ready devices ever.

The new Alienware 15 and 17 will be available to order beginning September 30, 2016, with the 13 being available for order sometime this November. You can find them at or

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