Alleged Nintendo NES Classic Knock-Off Spotted In The Wild

Alleged Nintendo NES Classic Knock-Off Spotted In The Wild 2

A possible NES Classic knock-off has been spotted on the popular online retail site, AliExpress.

A user on Neogaf, Lettuce, posted a link to a possible Nintendo NES Classic clone system. The alleged knock-off console comes complete, box and all, with the console itself closely resembling the original Nintendo product. Everything from the moulding to the plastic to the menu delivers more than a passing resemblance to the authentic NES Classic.

Alleged Nintendo Nes Classic Knock-Off Spotted In The Wild

Only when compared to a legitimate unit can subtle differences be spotted. Key differences include a difference in font sizes, different spacing and different fonts for the 1P and 2P icons. The listing for the alleged knock-off console is currently unavailable, however, several screenshots of the possible bootleg have been uploaded on Neogaf.

Alleged Nintendo Nes Classic Knock-Off Spotted In The Wild 1

The general consensus on Neogaf has been rather positive to the alleged knock-off console. Some users stating the console looks legitimately good, suggesting that it can possibly a good alternative to a real NES Classic. Nintendo had released the NES Classic late in 2016 and to the dismay of many, discontinued the popular mini console earlier in April of 2017.

Nintendo has stated that they were running low on parts for the console. Some are suggesting that the just announced SNES mini may be a contributing factor as to why Nintendo prematurely pulled the plug on the NES Mini console.

A good third party NES Classic clone may provide users that missed out on the official release, a good reason to pick one up and join in on the nostalgia-fueled fun. Perhaps with a slight makeover is in order, as it currently blatantly copies the existing packing of the NES Classic, tricking possible customers into thinking they bought a legitimate Nintendo approved mini console. For now, those who may still be in the market for a NES Classic should be wary on what they find online, especially if the price seems to good to be true.

Zubi Khan
Zubi Khan

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