Amazon Hires Need for Speed Creative Designer for New Project

| May 3, 2017
Amazon Hires Need for Speed Creative Designer for New Project

Amazon announced the addition of Craig Sullivan as the new Amazon team Creative Director.

Craig Sullivan previously worked at Ghost Games where was the Creative Lead on the Need for Speed series. Sullivan will be joining Amazon Game studio as the team’s creative director. He expressed his excitement, that it’s obvious Amazon is serious about creating innovative experiences. Sullivan will be working on an unannounced project for the studio.

Amazon has been on the lookout for high-profile hires since its formation. In 2014, Amazon hired both Clint Hocking and Kim Swift. Clint Hocking was once employed at Ubisoft Montreal and is best known for his work on Far Cry 2. Kim Swift was a video game designer at Valve where she worked on notable titles such as Portal and Left 4 Dead. Unfortunately for Amazon, both Hocking and Swift have already left Amazon Games Studio.

Amazon Games Studio is currently working on a number of titles that have yet to be released. One of them is Breakaway, a four on four mythical sports brawler. Another game they’re developing is called New World, an MMO sandbox game.

Their studio is also working on a sci-fi survival game called Crucible. Leading the project is being led by Louis Castle, an ex-employee from EA and co-founder of Westwood Studios. Castle is best known for his longtime work on the Command and Conquer series. Crucible is a MOBA inspired-shooter for 12 players which allows players to switch sides and betray their former teammates. A 13th player is able to trigger in-game events to occur while live streaming to Twitch.

Amazon is currently working with John Smedley, the co-creator of EverQuest to work on a new unannounced project. Details about the project haven’t been revealed yet but it will utilize AWS Cloud and Twitch services to connect players to each other.

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