AMD Introduces Budget Ranged Threadripper CPU

| August 31, 2017
AMD Introduces Budget Ranged Threadripper CPU

AMD’s line of Threadripper processors are being touted as the company’s top of the line processors. However, with great performance comes an even greater price tag, and this is why AMD has recently introduced a more affordable option.

The AMD Threadripper 1900x is notably weaker than some of AMD’s other Threadripper offerings, with the 1900x sporting a slightly meagre 8 cores/16 thread architecture. Priced at a reasonable $549, the lower specs are more than acceptable for performance per dollar.

Comparatively, AMD’s other Threadripper offerings are priced upwards of $999 with the Threadripper 1950x offering enthusiasts 12 cores/24 threads of computational power.

Additionally, when compared to AMD’s top Ryzen 7 model CPU, the $499 Ryzen 1800X, the 1900x just edges it out thanks to its added performance.

The AMD 1900x exists in order to fill a void for those who were turned off by AMD’s high asking price for their flagship 16 core offerings from earlier this year. In other words, those looking for high-end performance for half the asking price should seriously consider the 1900x Threadripper.

Taking a closer look a the 1900x specs, the new Threadripper branded CPU offers users eight cores clocked at 3.8Ghz, with an additional turbo feature that cranks up each core to a blistering 4.0Ghz.

Those curious about performance, especially when it comes to gaming, should be aware that the 1900x in some instances is actually weaker in pure gaming performance when compared to the cheaper Ryzen 7 1800x CPU. For a better analysis of the performance, readers are encouraged to visit Techradar’s look at the 1900x.

Ultimately AMD’s 1900x CPU is a good middle ground for those want the best bang for their buck. It may not be the best processor for gaming, but overall the 1900x offers users a great overall experience, especially when it comes to multi-tasking and other intensive workloads.

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