Anthony Mackie to Star in Twisted Metal TV Series

| September 15, 2021
Anthony Mackie to Star in Twisted Metal TV Series

It looks like Anthony Mackie is spreading his wings beyond the MCU and is heading to the world of video games as Mackie is set to star in the Twisted Metal TV Series.

According to Deadline, Mackie is set to play as John Doe, a motor-mouthed milkman with no memory of who he is that is promised a chance at a better life but only if he delivers a mysterious package across a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Mackie and his longtime manager, Jason Spire from Inspire Entertainment will also executive produce the PlayStation-produced TV series which is described as a high-octane action-comedy based on an original take from Deadpool writer, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. Knowing Mackie’s longtime MCU run this is pretty good casting for PlayStation Productions for not just star power but talent as well.

“We’re thrilled to have Anthony Mackie on board. His ability to blend comedy, action and drama is perfect for the Twisted world we’re creating,” PlayStation Productions head, Asad Qizilbash said in a statement.

Anthony Mackie To Star In Twisted Metal Tv Series
Twisted Metal

Also, executive producing the Twisted Metal TV series is Peter Principato, Artists First and Cobra Kai writer Michael Jonathan Smith, who is also contributing to writing the series. Will Arnett and Marc Forman will executive produce the series through their production company Electric Avenue. On Sony’s side, the series will be helmed by PlayStation Productions’ Asad Qizilbash and Carter Swan, as well as PlayStation Studios head, Hermen Hulst.

The timing of the casting news is very interesting especially after the rumour of a Twisted Metal game which is said to be in development ‘to coincide with the TV series’, according to sources from journalist, Jeff Grubb and VGC.

“I think Twisted Metal is in the works but it may still be a ways off, so I think we’re early,” Grubb said. “That speaks to a larger strategy shift from Sony – well, it’s not even a shift, it’s a ‘broadening’ of their strategy.

PlayStation Productions is currently working on three movies and seven TV Shows based on PlayStation properties. Those that are known include Uncharted (movie slated for 2022), The Last of Us (HBO TV series slated for 2022), Ghost of Tsushima (movie), Sly Cooper (TV series) and Twisted Metal (TV series).

With the casting of Twisted Metal‘s lead, the series is assumedly still in pre-production as filming for the series has started filming. It remains to be seen when the series will release or what network/streaming service it will premiere on but Insiders says according to Deadline, Sony has a “plan in the works to take it to buyers soon.”

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