Apple Pauses Sale of Hermès AirTags

Apple Pauses Sale of Hermes AirTags

Apple currently has their line of Hermès AirTags set to unavailable, with questions about quality concerns potentially being the root cause for the delay in sales.

After officially announcing the AirTag line, Apple has suspended sales of the Hermès branded tags, potentially due to quality concerns. Hermès is a famous fashion brand specialising in leather goods that have been around since the mid-1800s. The expensive set of tags including the key ring, bag charm, luggage tag are all currently set to unavailable.

While the website doesn’t mention the reason for the pause, and there hasn’t been any official announcement from Apple or Hermès themselves; the listing has also been pulled in the UK in France—with only the bag charm still available in those markets.

Apple Hermès Airtags
Hermès AirTags

The curious thing about this is that it doesn’t just apply to one color, which might suggest supply issues rather than device issues, as all the variants are currently not available. More signs have been pointing to a quality concern, as according to 9to5Mac, one reader’s key ring came undone at the metal post, and for $349 USD, that’s a huge issue.

Additionally, the Apple-branded AirTags remain available for purchase, once again suggesting there is something wrong with Hermès’ product specifically, rather than some sort of techinical mishap from the product line as a whole.

Officially announced back in April, the AirTags come from Apple for $39 CAD apiece, to allow for tracking technolody to be attached to pretty much whatever you’d like. While the base item is reasonably priced, the luxury fashion brand Hermès selling leather variants for hundreds of dollars makes the issues a huge concern for those willing to couch up that much moolah.

While the brand is well-respected across the fashion world, one has to wonder if this might effect the relationship between them and the tech giant for future partnerships.

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