Atari Releases A First Look at Upcoming Ataribox Games Console

Atari Releases A First Look at Upcoming Ataribox Games Console 1

Atari has unveiled the curtains on their upcoming Ataribox games console.

Known as the Ataribox, the new machine pictured below is designed closely with the original Atari in mind.  The Ataribox console utilizes wood and ribbed lines in addition to a raised back in order to deliver an aesthetic that captures the essence of the classic Atari 2600 and onwards.

Atari Releases A First Look At Upcoming Ataribox Games Console

Some new and more modern design choices have also been utilized, the front panel of the upcoming system will be available in glass, in addition to the aforementioned wood, a front facing logo, indicator lights that glow through the material and finally an assortment of modern IO, such as HDMI, USB (4x) and SD will also be present. The addition of an SD card reader slot suggests the console may support expandable flash storage in addition to USB storage.

Atari has also stated that HDMI output for their upcoming console will not just be for convenience’ sake, but rather hinting at the potential modern specs of the console which means in addition to classic Atari games, the console may even support new modern games made for the system. The upcoming games console will be available in a classic wood throwback edition in addition to a more contemporary looking red and black variant.

Not much else is known about Atari’s upcoming console, with price, availability and games still left unannounced.  Overall, Atari’s Ataribox has the potential in being an exciting niche product that both fans that grew up with the old school brand and newcomers alike can enjoy. From looking at the press release photos, the system looks as though a lot of thought went into it and Atari might just have something that can compete with the likes of the NES Classic and the upcoming SNES Classic.

No price point or release date has been announced for the Ataribox at this time.

Zubi Khan
Zubi Khan

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