Atari Reveals Details Surrounding Upcoming Ataribox Console

| September 26, 2017
Atari Reveals Details Surrounding Upcoming Ataribox Console 1

Atari has released new photos and details surrounding their upcoming Ataribox console.

The Atari 2600-inspired console will feature a customized AMD processor and Radeon graphics technology. The console will also run a streamlined easy-use version of Linux as its primary operating system.

The added benefit of Linux, aside from it being a flexible operating system for games, is that the Ataribox will also be able to provide end-users with a full PC experience for the TV, uniting streaming, social, browsing, music, and more under one platform.

Atari promises that the Ataribox will be an open platform, meaning that users will be able to access and customize the OS as they see fit as long as the other content is compatible with the OS and HW.

The system will come preloaded with tons of classic Atari games, with specific titles to be unveiled soon. Regarding aesthetics, the Ataribox looks as slick as ever and fans worrying about a faux wood finish can rest assured as Atari has confirmed that the Wood Edition of the Ataribox will be decked out in real, genuine, wood.

Atari Reveals Details Surrounding Upcoming Ataribox Console 1

Atari will be launching their retro throw-back console on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo sometime shortly. Atari will also be emphasising their efforts in providing a strong relationship between the Ataribox development and feedback from the Atari community.

The console is set for release in late Spring 2018, with a suggested retail price of $249-$299 USD (dependent on the edition and memory configurations).

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